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How to Make a Successful TV Drama

Mix and match least 10?

- Scars

- Dead or dying animals

- Dead or dying people

- Tattoos

- Twisted sex, especially incest

- Teenage girls and/or women with ASTOUNDINGLY fantastic hair

- Rituals with masks

- Plaid


Get This Look: Twin Peaks

1. Log Lady

Poor psychic Margaret. She lost her husband to the devil the night of their wedding, as is perhaps the norm in the town of Twin Peaks. When detective Dale Cooper arrives to assist in solving the murder of area teen Laura Palmer, he's guided by his dreams, which are more like visions, and Margaret, or Log Lady, as she's known about town, helps by handing him grim bon mots courtesy of, she says, her log, which can be found cradled in her arm like a big, jointless baby. Additionally, she has a thing about chewed up wads of gum. But who doesn’t, really?

Get This Look:


The Mulholland Pie

Previously: A Pie for the American People.

Ann Friedman plans to spend the holiday quietly whispering to her log.