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The O.C.'s Music Supervisor Picks a Contemporary OC Playlist

There's a wonderful piece up at Myspace (hello, old friend) looking back at the inimitable perfection of The O.C.'s music game:

Where Dawson’s Creek drew from palatable soft rock like Alanis Morissette and Paula Cole, The O.C. skewed LCD Soundsystem and Pixies. Seth Cohen and Dawson Leary might have both been verbose teenagers, but Seth Cohen was the one you wanted controlling your iPod.

I agree! I actually agree very, very closely:

"Dawson's Creek" ended the same year that "The O.C." began, but the two seem generations apart. Dawson's was all plunky guitar and Alanis Morissette playing over soft-focus, flannel-ridden montages. The same year, "The O.C." featured Röyksopp, LCD Soundsystem, The [...]


'Game of Thrones' Recap: Daario Naharis a.k.a. Ed Skrein

Must … update … list.

Oh, and he's also in this music video. And this one.


'Game of Thrones' Men, by Hotness

26. Viserys Targaryen 25. Joffrey Baratheon 24. Loras Tyrell 23. Theon Greyjoy 22. Samwell Tarly 21. Gendry 20. Stannis Baratheon 19. The Black Smoke 18. Lead White Walker 17. Jon Snow


Sex and the City of Wonder

[No.8] "Do you know what the odds of catching a fly ball are? I didn't. I couldn't help wondering if they were any higher … than finding a relationship that would last.” —Vulture's Neha Sharma heroically gathered together every time Carrie Bradshaw wondered something to herself.


Orange Is the New Black Is the New House of Cards

Here is Salon's Willa Paskin on Netflix's new original and available-for-streaming-all-at-once-so-your-life-is-over-for-at-least-13-hours series:

Without ever being anything less than wildly entertaining, “Orange” is effortlessly in conversation with all of TV’s biggest themes, and, boy, does it have something new to say about every single one of them. Here is a show that is explicitly about the consequences of breaking bad, but that never glorifies it: Violating the law does not for one moment seem cool, just a bad choice that gets you locked up. By virtue of its almost entirely female cast, it’s an instant retort to the macho-man craze, proof positive that female dynamics are more than [...]


I Want to Believe: Discovering the Inner Scully

I’m twenty-five. Twenty-five is a big deal, right? I mean, I’ve thought about this. Twenty-five is when your early twenties end. Twenty-five is when you really have to start thinking about calling yourself not a “girl” but a “woman,” regardless of what the women on “Girls” say. Twenty-five is when you should, essentially, have your twenties figured out, as a decade, or something. I think.

I don’t know if there’s an equivalent age for your teen years, which officially begin when you’re thirteen, but could maybe be more accurately said to begin when you get your first period, which means that some of my friends became teenagers when they were [...]


House of Baby Spice Cards

Watching House of Cards led to watching the original 1993 BBC series To Play the King, which led to screaming "Emma Bunton!" during the credits, rewinding, and re-watching her in her one scene (above). It's not the first time anyone's noticed this Baby Spice fact recently, but it's still … exciting? A word for stumbling across someone famous doing something slightly different. Anyway, that's the KING, there, in the car.

To Play the King is also currently streaming on Netflix. (Recommended.)


Copywriting the Pure Moods CD Commercial

Look at this fucking unicorn Imagine a world with a unicorn in it where time drifts slowly. The unicorn's back

A world where you are fulfilled by your job or don’t have to work at all, preferably where music carries you away.

Experience puremoods the aural equivalent of a Thomas Kinkade folder the perfect soundtrack for small children watching Nickelodeon and adults who talk to their figurines your unique everyday crises way of life.

Listen to the goth-angel chanting which is popular elsewhere in the world Direct from Europe, this platform for Yanni multi-platinum collection has been stuck in my head for three days and agggghhh I totally hummed Enya [...]


Get This Look: Twin Peaks

1. Log Lady

Poor psychic Margaret. She lost her husband to the devil the night of their wedding, as is perhaps the norm in the town of Twin Peaks. When detective Dale Cooper arrives to assist in solving the murder of area teen Laura Palmer, he's guided by his dreams, which are more like visions, and Margaret, or Log Lady, as she's known about town, helps by handing him grim bon mots courtesy of, she says, her log, which can be found cradled in her arm like a big, jointless baby. Additionally, she has a thing about chewed up wads of gum. But who doesn’t, really?

Get This Look:


Last Night's 'Girls'

Wasn't the most popular episode that's ever aired. In happier news, though, did anyone else finally watch all 13 hours of House of Cards in one weekend? And does anyone else want to talk about House of Cards for the rest of time? As a jumping-off point, here are the 15 hottest House of Cards characters, in order of hotness.

15. President Garrett Walker

14. Edward Meechum

13. Linda Vasquez

12. Doug Stamper

11. Zoe Barnes

10. Rachel Posner