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This is the sort of pressure creators who are people of color, and who write programs about people of color, feel. Black-ish has to be twice as good as Modern Family in order to be mentioned in the same conversation; I can’t even do the math to figure out how good Black-ish has to be to win the Emmy over its white peers. It’s why these shows have to work harder, and it’s why viewers, to a certain extent, have our own responsibilities to them. We have to first show that there is a demand for these programs, then continue to demand that more exist, and then, finally, demand that [...]


Did People Watch Doll & Em Last Night?

Edith Zimmerman: LOGAN. What did you think of this show? We watched all of it yesterday in your apartment, and I originally brought the screeners over thinking it would be fun because HBO is generally fun, and the show seemed like a light-n-easy watch, but then it kind of steamrolled me. I'd thought we'd at most watch three episodes, but then we watched the whole thing—all six episodes—pretty much without stopping, and we didn't even look at each other between episodes five and six (the last two). Admittedly they were all pretty short, but I'd had no idea. This was in many ways the most transfixing show I've ever [...]


True Detective Rantings

There's a "True Detective" folder on my desktop for all my screengrabs from the show, including a dozen of Cohle's forearm tattoo alone — I can alllllmost see it, okay I can see it better now, okay that's a little better? But then I realized it's probably easier to just Google that tattoo, which I did, which led me to Instagram, which is where I learned that the dude who designed the tattoo (Joshua Lord, from Graceland tattoos in Brooklyn) apparently also designed Reggie Ledoux's tattoos, and in response to questions (also on Instagram) about whether he'd intended to make the face on Reggie's chest look like [...]


Reasons to Buy a Magnet

If you haven't seen Katja Blichfeld and Ben Sinclair's great web series "High Maintenance," here's episode one (mildly NSFW); 11 more follow. You can also help out by buying these weed-bag refrigerator accessories.

Thanks, Adam.


Amy Lombard attended a Brady Bunch convention for VICE. Brady Bunch convention?! I can hear you thinking. Yes! That's obvious. What took them so long?

According to Jodi Ritzen, an organizer for BradyCon, they decided to hold the weekend after they saw a successful Monkees convention earlier in the year.


For a show that went off the air forty years ago, there's a pretty good turnout—and to answer your question, Greg and Peter showed up, Marcia, Jan, and Bobby didn't. As for Cindy:

From across the room, I spotted the piercing blue eyes of [...] Susan Olsen—also known as Cindy, the youngest Brady sister. At the [...]


[Cactus][Van][Gem Stone][Gem Stone]

If you like emojis and the show Breaking Bad, or you think you might like Breaking Bad but would rather experience it as a sequence of emojis (yes), then perhaps you will enjoy these Unofficial Breaking Bad Emoji Mugs, brought to you by the lovely Starlee Kine and Russell Quinn. A mere $20.


House of Cards in One Day; or, A Tale of Bravery

The fantasy of binge viewing is the fantasy of the cocoon. It is an intoxicating promise, sinking into a world where nothing matters except a story. In pursuit of this feeling, some friends and I made a deal to take Tuesday, February 19 off (n.b. none of us have real jobs) to watch season two of House of Cards in its entirety.

We were a foursome: Miranda, a couple named Sam and Daisy, and me. Miranda is a writer. Sam works on campaigns. Daisy does something with windmills that looks utterly terrifying. There was talk of a guy I didn’t know named James coming as well, but he didn’t [...]


Nickelodeon's Diversity "Problem" Is That It Likes Diversity

Let's start today with a million praise hands emojis to Flavorwire's Pilot Viruet, who managed to stomach an entire interview with Mathew Klickstein, the author of SLIMED! An Oral History of Nickelodeon’s Golden Age, whose thoughts on the network's push for diversity are… interesting.

To just shove it in there because, “Uh-oh, we need diversity,” is silly and a little disgusting. It needs to be the best people working on the best shows. They happen to be white, that’s a shame. They happen to be all guys, that’s a shame. No one says this about sports — they do sometimes, the owners — but sorry, that most basketball, football [...]


How to Make a Successful TV Drama

Mix and match least 10?

- Scars

- Dead or dying animals

- Dead or dying people

- Tattoos

- Twisted sex, especially incest

- Teenage girls and/or women with ASTOUNDINGLY fantastic hair

- Rituals with masks

- Plaid


Not True Detective But

So let's say your obsession with True Detective almost frightens you. That it feels like you'd do anything for this show, that the show controls you. That given the opportunity you'd forsake your own body to be a pair of eyeballs watching True Detective on repeat until the end of time (which is flat). Anyway, so let's say you like True Detective, and when there are no more True Detective episodes to watch (before rewatching the True Detective episodes you've watched already), you scratch at the internet for something, anything, to feed your True Detective hunger.

If that is the case, here are some links and videos to add to your collection.

Writer, creator, [...]