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Beauty Q&A: Miss Fancy Pants Goes to Work

1. I spent most of college and grad school slowly accumulating a wardrobe for my career. This led to my having a lot of really excellent pencil skirts, blazers, sensible shoes, blouses, work-y dresses, etc… I have finally found a job that I love but the department I work in is CASUAL. As in, I look like a highfalutin Fancy Pants in dark jeans, a blouse and a cardigan.

I hate opening my closet every morning and bypassing all my nice clothes for things I'd normally just wear bumming around the house but also I don't want to stick out like a sore, overdressed thumb. Any tips on [...]


Beauty Q&A: Sex Hair, Fur, and the Perfect T-Shirt

I need the perfect t-shirt. The sort of t-shirt that's tissue-soft but still manages to not be totally see-through. Like if Alexander Wang met my favorite band t-shirt from 1991 (not that I had a favorite band t-shirt in 1991, my favorite band was C&C Music Factory!). I want to dress like a cool California girl. I also have boobs that must be taken into consideration when it comes to t-shirts. Drapey doesn't always work so well.

What we both want is an easy answer to this question, but guess what? Ha-ha. Okay, the first thing to consider when selecting a t-shirt is undergarments. You touched on it with [...]


Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet, Gimme Thin Sliced Meat to Eat

Can I borrow your dress, Sugar?


The Eyebrow Tutorial: Window Frames to the Soul

Previously: The Manicure Tutorial — Nails With Little Flicks.

Jane Feltes produces the radio program "This American Life," and no one is paying her to use or recommend any of the products she uses or recommends.


Beauty Q&A: Do You Smell What I Smell?

1. Evidently smoking interacts with your perfume and makes you smell bad. I'm quitting smoking (Crowd: "Yay!") but my entire bottle of perfume stinks now because I smoked around it. Also, I can't guarantee that I've quit forever at any given point in time because cigarettes mystically tend to light themselves around me and put themselves in my mouth. But I have really cut down a LOT, I promise! (Crowd: "WTF.")

So… is there something I can do to not smell bad while I try to quit for good? Orrr, hypothetically if I just give up and smoke like a chimney, am I doomed to smell horrific for the rest of [...]


More Like Nailshadow

Whaaat?! Suddenly we have twice as much nail stuff. Okay, first idea: do an ombré look by using a darker shadow just on the tips. Second idea: ______.


How to Write Romance Novels

Women like you have two dreams in this world. The first is a pair of ferocious boots that say "Sarah Michelle Gellar speaking crossly to a Sudanese rebel." The second is a successful, secret career as a romance novelist. That first dream of yours kind of creeps me out, but the second one is something I can help with. It turns out that writing romance novels is very, very easy as long as you follow the rules. In my role as friend to women, I'm going to tell you about those rules, and illustrate how I followed those rules with actual, incredible prose.

To start, you need to introduce [...]


How to Care for Dreadlocks

Andrew McCutchen plays baseball extremely professionally. He also gets his dreadlocks groomed extremely professionally. He also smiles extremely professionally and probably smells extremel… you get it. Hi, Andrew.


The Cat-Eye Tutorial

Here is the brush I use and here is the eyeliner and here is the tape.

Previously: The 1950s Glamour Tutorial.


Beauty Q&A: Crackne, Brow Dye, and Growing Out Bangs

I know that sunscreen is an important thing and everyone should be wearing it every day, all the time, no matter what. So what I'm wondering is, how do people do this? My moisturizer has SPF protection in it, but other than that I just don't get it. Do people slather themselves all over with Banana Boat every day? I hate hate hate putting on sunscreen before going to the beach or the pool or whatever, so the idea of having to do that same thing every day makes me cringe. Please help!

Oh, no! They don't mean to slather it all over your body, 50 SPF strength, every [...]