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Hitchhiking to the End of the World

Sandwiched between a hulking grey backpack and an expandable bag on my chest, I stand on the shoulder of a steep road that winds up from a surreal aqua lake. I’m on the edge of the pristine Aspen-like town San Martin de los Andes in Argentina’s northern Patagonia. I have a purpose here. I just decided one hour ago: I am hitchhiking to Ushuaia, the southernmost tip in South America. I am hitchhiking to the End of the World.

I’ve been in the country for a month and only hitchhiked once before. I don’t know what I’m doing. "Stick out your thumb higher,” two passing Chilean hitchhikers call out [...]


Talking to Kelly Lewis, Professional Solo Female Traveler

Kelly Lewis is the founder of Go! Girl Guides, a company that writes and publishes guidebooks for solo female travelers, as well as a beloved friend of mine.

Kelly Lewis: Big things are happening now, I'm so excited.

Lindsay King-Miller: YES, tell me about big things. I mean, we can do this the formal way, I have questions written out and everything. Or you can just explain why you're awesome.

KL: Maybe a little bit of A and a little bit of B? Where do I start?

LKM: Want to talk a little about how you first fell in love with traveling?

KL: Oh boy. When I fell in love [...]


Travelogues, Then and Now

London, spring semester abroad, Day 3, 1997: Things that are different from my hometown of Honolulu: Only 4 channels—all lame. Alcohol at every meal. Employees can smoke in the store, don’t have to be nice. Spice Girl stuff EVERYWHERE. Tapes and CDs cost the same in pounds and in dollars. KFC has no mash or biscuits. “Kleenex for Men.”

Nashville, fall getaway, Day 3, 2013: Things that are different from my current home of Brooklyn: Biscuits all day, every day, bring it. Near-empty freeways. No longer feel urge to change the radio station when a country song comes on. More old people than people my own age on vacation, drinking [...]


Boobs in Bangkok: Going Under the Knife

One of the reasons plastic surgery is cheaper in Thailand is that the entire process is streamlined. Same-day consultations and surgery make the process more efficient, so instead of making an appointment, you basically sit in a line and wait until the doctor can see you.

The waiting room is packed and feels like that afterlife scene from Beetlejuice: we're all kind of messed up, looking around wondering what happened to whom and what needs fixing. With some of the patients it's clear: a child with a harelip, a burn victim, and a row of lady-boys waiting for sex change operations. Then there are the rest of us: Europeans, [...]


Villa Tunari

A man in hiking boots was setting up a tent in the courtyard of the hostel when I came back. Hola, I said. Are you sleeping here?

He was. The hostel owner told him that there weren’t open rooms, so he asked to camp. Where are you from? He asked. He was from Colombia and finishing his trip through Bolivia on his motorcycle. Was he handsome? I couldn't tell in the dim light.

I had been lonely in Cochabamba, a city that reminded me of California, with wide streets and shiny malls. Earlier I stood waiting for the traffic light to change, and someone had thrown an orange at me. [...]


Advice for the Solo Woman Road Warrior

- Before you leave, get your nails done. You’re gonna be staring at them on the steering wheel for many hours in a row.

- Wear pants with a minimum of three percent spandex. You may be tempted by a high-waisted vintage Levi’s situation (yeah, I know, Thelma and Louise!), but YOU WILL PAY for your commitment to this look. Also, make sure your pants are machine washable, as they will frequently double as a napkin.

- Make a playlist of songs that you want to master for karaoke. Sing them over and over and over.

- Snacks always ride shotgun.

- Pack your weed and vibrator in an accessible [...]