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Almila, Carolyn & Amelia

Carolyn: “Eating food in my house by myself.”

Amelia: “Watching the ball drop with tourist friends, and making fun of them.”

Almila: “Same old family stuff.”

To celebrate the new year, I walked around Manhattan and asked people to tell me their New Year’s Eve plans.


The Best (?) Time I Toured a Crematorium

One day in the early spring, my mother picked me and my friend Autumn up from school, and we went to run some errands. I was 11 years old, and my father had died just a few months earlier. While we were out, my mom asked if we minded stopping at the cemetery because she wanted to water some plants. I liked the cemetery. It was a peaceful place, and there was also something a bit morbid about it that fascinated me.  So my mom turned her giant station wagon (complete with 1980s wood-paneled siding) into the cemetery, and got to work on the plants. Autumn and I wandered [...]




“No wish — I just wake up, eat, work, run, sleep.”

Questions tend to be tied to circumstances. Someone asks “Would you please pass the guacamole?” if guacamole sits nearby. Now is the time of year when reverie (the soul’s guacamole) is palpable and fresh, so we hit the streets of New York with a single question: “What’s your holiday wish?”


NKOTB Is Mostly 41

"All nine boys will get together for the first time": New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys will be touring together next year, and are still being referred to as "boys."


How to Go on Tour*

*Or Have an Amazing Road Trip

Hi ladies! We're going on tour! This is great; we're so excited about the combination of playing a million shows and sitting in a van for a million hours. We love it. This is how we do it right.


We want to have cute show outfits and comfy clothing for travel, we want to pack light, and we want to tour cheaply.

1. Resist the urge to pack one million show outfits. You're playing different cities every night, no one will know if you wear the same thing twice (or three times!). 2. Pack accessories/separates/shoes that can be matched with most everything. [...]