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Embracing the Tour de France, the World Cup’s Endearingly Weird Little Brother

Are you growing tired of watching impossibly attractive men tear off their shirts in the name of God, country, and football? Well, do I have excellent news for you: the Tour de France is upon us. I love the Tour de France (go ahead, pronounce “France” like it rhymes with “taunts,” I know you want to), the world’s most famous bike race, and firmly believe that it’s completely underrated—especially in years when it’s pitted against the World Cup, as it is now. If the World Cup is the disaffected, hard-bodied teen who’s too cool for the moon landing, the Tour de France is the nerdy, telescope-toting little brother who Sally [...]


Interview with Zoë Romano, the First Person to Ever Run the Tour de France

Yesterday, Diana Nyad swam 110 miles from Cuba to Florida; this summer, my elementary school classmate Zoë Romano ran the length of the Tour de France, a nine-week effort that followed her 119-day run across America in 2011. Zoë is the first woman to ever complete this cross-country route unassisted (she had no support vehicle trailing her, but pushed a running stroller with her belongings instead), as well as the first person to ever do the Tour de France route on foot. Over the last two years, she's used her runs to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and [...]



Well, the Tour de France is over for another year, and a few questions remain:

1. Oh, my God, do any of them ever say "I am not cycling up another hill, I am pulling into a cafe and drinking a beer and then going home, masturbating repeatedly (if I still have any feeling in my genitals), and sleeping in"?

2. Is it, like, the same yellow jersey? Because it's always called "the" yellow jersey, like you peel it off, wring it out, and hand it over to the next guy to have the best overall time to that point? And then there's the green jersey.

3. Have you read [...]