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The Great Hope of TV's Female Crime-Stoppers

I don’t remember how or why I first started descending into Law & Order afternoons, letting bright days slip by in the darkness of my parents’ den with the curtains drawn. I was seventeen or eighteen – a few years before Netflix made marathoning a known verb and acceptable pastime; all I knew was that the show was hypnotic, and USA never aired fewer than three in a row.

It didn’t occur to me that my particular taste for SVU, the sex crimes spinoff in the franchise, was messed up until I moved east and spent a summer living in New York. There I watched episodes on my friends’ [...]


How to Make a Successful TV Drama

Mix and match least 10?

- Scars

- Dead or dying animals

- Dead or dying people

- Tattoos

- Twisted sex, especially incest

- Teenage girls and/or women with ASTOUNDINGLY fantastic hair

- Rituals with masks

- Plaid


A Tribute to Top of the Lake's Robin Griffin, Made of China and Steel

Warning: Spoilers. Top of the Lake is on Netflix.

An incomplete list of all the shit that Robin Griffin has to deal with in the Jane Campion miniseries Top of the Lake:

• A mother who’s dying • A mother who’s living with a guy who may or may not be physically abusive • A very long (read: five year) engagement to a guy she doesn’t love anymore • That guy’s insistent texts • Thinking that she came home to hang out with her mom only to be pulled onto a statutory rape case that bears increasing resemblance to her own statutory rape, 15-plus years before • A police force [...]