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I really, really loved Top of the Lake, and by loved it I mean I watched the entire first season in two days and by the last episode my boyfriend and I were sitting as far away as possible from each other, on opposite ends of our very tiny couch, totally unable to make eye contact or process our emotions in any sort of healthy way. I'm very excited/terrified to revisit all those feelings during the recently announced second season!!


A Tribute to Top of the Lake's Robin Griffin, Made of China and Steel

Warning: Spoilers. Top of the Lake is on Netflix.

An incomplete list of all the shit that Robin Griffin has to deal with in the Jane Campion miniseries Top of the Lake:

• A mother who’s dying • A mother who’s living with a guy who may or may not be physically abusive • A very long (read: five year) engagement to a guy she doesn’t love anymore • That guy’s insistent texts • Thinking that she came home to hang out with her mom only to be pulled onto a statutory rape case that bears increasing resemblance to her own statutory rape, 15-plus years before • A police force [...]


The Great Hope of TV's Female Crime-Stoppers

I don’t remember how or why I first started descending into Law & Order afternoons, letting bright days slip by in the darkness of my parents’ den with the curtains drawn. I was seventeen or eighteen – a few years before Netflix made marathoning a known verb and acceptable pastime; all I knew was that the show was hypnotic, and USA never aired fewer than three in a row.

It didn’t occur to me that my particular taste for SVU, the sex crimes spinoff in the franchise, was messed up until I moved east and spent a summer living in New York. There I watched episodes on my friends’ [...]


How to Make a Successful TV Drama

Mix and match least 10?

- Scars

- Dead or dying animals

- Dead or dying people

- Tattoos

- Twisted sex, especially incest

- Teenage girls and/or women with ASTOUNDINGLY fantastic hair

- Rituals with masks

- Plaid