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The Giant Cabinet

It doesn't seem like there's much more to say about tiny houses these days, so this has probably gotten old, or did long ago, and maybe all that's left is to actually go live in one for a while, possibly through Spice Box Homes (or Tiny House Listings). There's even a theoretically Game of Thrones-themed one, although it seems less like a mini-Winterfell than like a miniature version of the house where the unpleasant old man … hmm, spoilers, but where his female relatives were in abundance, in the rafters.

It would be cool (or, nightmarish) to be a small person living in an actual spice box. [...]


The Tiny-Home Blogger

If you'd like to write about tiny houses all the time, here is the job for you/me.


Living Inside a Giant Hollow Guitar Pick

The Thin House is done.


Tiny House for Sale in Oregon

"I hope to start showing the Cabin to small groups of folks who are SERIOUSLY interested starting in early August. Until then, it’s about an hour west of Portland, and about a 1/2 hour inland from the coast." —$12,000 is the starting price for this equally charming and horrifying secret tiny house in the woods near a salmon river, if you're interested in disappearing. (More pictures are available here.)

Elsewhere: Luxury Doghouses.


But the BlackBerry Pearl of Travel Trailers?

"The iPhone of travel trailers" will cost $100,000. Reserve yours today.


“In New York, people will live in a garbage can!”

Small as it might be, the winning design was chosen for the way that it maximized light, airiness and storage space through the use of 9-foot-high ceilings, large windows, lofts and Juliet balconies.

This is a couple days late, but The New York Times reports on the results of the Great New York Tiny House Competition (not its official name), and links to what a Juliet balcony is, too. (A place to stand where hot guys can whisper things about you from below.) The rendering is frustratingly if appropriately small, but it does include a mysterious picture of an old man who appears to be in pain, [...]


Checking in With the Billionaires

The buyers of the nine full-floor apartments near the top that have sold so far — among them two duplexes under contract for more than $90 million each — are all billionaires …

Good news! Construction on the tallest residential apartment building in New York appears to be going well. The units are all castles, and the building is a thousand miles tall. It takes a million years to get to the top, and an hour to fall back down. There's a video of it, too, if you're interested. (And renderings at the building's official site.) What now, Tiny House?


Tiny Apartment Joust

It's interesting when a tiny home has a bed that needs to be pulled or folded out each night (or at least on a regular basis), especially when the rest of the home is so fancy.


Assortment: YACHT, Food, Small Apartments

Good morning! Here's a little grab bag to get things going. Above is the mildly NSFW (lyrics, chain of events at 1:30?) animated music video for electropop band YACHT's single "Second Summer," by the group Animation Domination High Def (ADHD). YACHT is also having a sunrise party in Los Angeles on December 16, if you'd like to join.

The Times has a couple more recipes for healthy, tasty things (although yours are better!), and Serious Eats a few more.

Plus the Tiny House blog has this soothing bit of tiny house-ery about a young man in Brooklyn, whose apartment contains a footstool made of what I [...]


Tiny House Swoon

What is it about tiny houses? Is it that they're like real-life fairytales? Tidy and tight and perfect, understandable, easy to care for. Straightforward. Square, triangle, grass, done. Scratching some perfectionist itch — everything in its place, nothing sloppy or excessive. Controlled. (Hmm, almost like an eating disorder! Haha. Aiee!) Life, boiled down to a tiiiny little house. The architectural equivalent of sauce-reduction. Tiny house. Here is a website that's just pictures of nice tiny houses if you like to look at and think about them, but would never want to live in one yourself.