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These Hoes Ain't Heard: On the Women Who Remixed "Loyal"

If there’s a genre of song more insidious than the Song For Women, it’s something like the Song For Men About Women. The Song For Men About Women is a song that tells men what is wrong with female behavior, in language that the majority of men, one would hope, would never dream of using in front of the woman whose behavior is being criticized.

In this week’s New York Times, music critic Jon Caramanica takes on The Song For Men About Women, in a piece that admittedly tries to go beyond the Man Explains trope, but ultimately falls victim to it. (Criticism of The Song [...]


Tink, "Bars"

Here is the latest from the very talented Tink, one of the best young (18!) rappers out of Chicago right now. Tink is impressive for a lot of reasons, but it's especially fun to catch someone who's probably going to be wildly famous in a year or so on her mixtape run (think Nicki Minaj on any Sucka Free track), so catch up here while you can. (Lyrics NSFW.)


Why Would a Hoe Be Loyal? Tink Has the Answers

It’s approaching the end of May, and a shittily perfect Chris Brown song that came out in December (largely neglected in the shadow of a glorious Beyonce release) is still dominating radio, club, strip club and bodega air play. I’m not going to labor over why this song is perfect: I’ve spent too many nights thrusting a glass of prosecco into the air in sync with the words “THESE HOES AIN’T LOYAL” as the DJ wound it back for a fifth time to even question the validity of this track.

There is, of course, a tension in enjoying this song as either a man who isn’t a total [...]


Kitty, Sasha Go Hard & Tink, "Spotless"

"Spotless" is a Ryan Hemsworth-produced track off of Druture's Out of Towner Vol. 1, a Chicago-based mixtape, featuring verses from Sasha Go Hard and Tink and a hook from Kitty (née Kitty Pryde). It's got a dark, looming beat and Kitty's light whisper breaks up two standout tracks from Sasha and Tink. (Tink, by the way, is consistently great. Her own mixtapes are here.) I'll be doing Lorde moves to this for a few hours at least. [The Fader]


Tink ft. Jeremih, "Don't Tell Nobody"

This track feels like it's going to be all over radio this summer, and Tink (a Hairpin favorite) and Jeremih are perfect together on it: low-key and effortless, tight verses, lazily sexual. Tink also brings the heat on "Want It," her new collaboration with Kelela, which comes out of Yours Truly's "Songs from Scratch" series (the making-of video for this one rules, if you haven't seen it).


Sasha Go Hard & Tink, "Problem"

If you haven’t gotten into Chicago drill artists Sasha Go Hard and Tink, now would be the perfect time to start. On Sasha Go Hard’s latest single (produced by Tony Roche), the two have temporarily abandoned the drum-driven and sometimes cold-sounding aesthetic of the regional drill sound for this maximalist, sharp, and synth-heavy jam. What I love about both Sasha and Tink is their unabashed embrace of their youth—they're 21 and 18 years old, and they're fine with that. Here, it’s in full force: Sasha raps, “I’m coming up from the bottom. My mentality is fuck ‘em." (Language NSFW, if that wasn't already clear.)