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My True Detective Season Recap

[N.B. I have never seen True Detective.]


Camera pans over a bayou or maybe a wooden shack. There's a dead body inside the shack. Still warm.

WOODY HARRELSON: It's incredible that they got us two mega stars to be in this TV show.

MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY: All right all right all right all right.

HARRELSON: We also look alike.


[VOICEOVER: But which one of them will be—the TRUE detective?]

Roll credits.


Camera pans over a wooden shack or a diner. There’s a dead body still inside the shack, less warm. The diner has good grits.

HARRELSON: I am better at this job because [...]


Everyone Was Hungover and Nothing Happened

Via the BBC: "Hangovers neither deter nor encourage more drinking."

(This finding is from a study of 386 young adults, so, grain of salt, and further proof of youngness in the fact that they each only kept a drinking diary for three weeks, and generated "2,276 drinking episodes" and only "463 hangover episodes.")