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And the Best Razors Are…

The Wirecutter shaved itself flawless finding the best hand-held (non-electric) razors in the world. What are they? Merkur safety razors and the Gillette Venus Embrace.

The picture accompanying the piece (of the Merkur) is shiny but reminds me of the one I once accidentally dipped into my knee. Why can't we just roughly brush hair off?


Standing Desk Training Wheels

The Wirecutter has a long and comprehensive guide to standing desks, except the trick about standing desks is that you usually don't know whether you have the inclination/endurance to stand at a standing desk all day before you buy the standing desk, and then you just have this tall table that cost hundreds of dollars. My solution was to try it out for a couple weeks with this jury-rigged standing "desk" on a stack of books, and I've been standing at it for three weeks. The first day I figured I'd cave after half an hour, but then the entire morning and afternoon had passed and everything was fine. [...]


The Wirecutter: Even Prettier!

Our sibling site The Wirecutter launched a couple weeks ago, but it recently got a snazzy new duckling-to-swan makeover. Drop by when you're thinking of buying gadgets!


The Best Emergency Gear

In case of emergency … The Wirecutter has a roundup of the most useful emergency gear to have around the house, from solar panels to two-way radios, wet wipes to rain jackets. It's both reassuring and nerve-wracking, and doubles as a gift guide for your least responsible loved ones.


And the Best Room Fan Is…

Do you need a new fan for summer because, say, your old white one is so dirty you're almost ashamed to throw it out in front of your own building? The Wirecutter is on top of this problem.


Welcome, The Wirecutter!

We have a new baby brother! The Wirecutter, run by the excellent Brian Lam (formerly of Gizmodo), is now live. Not a daily blog in the way we are (or The Awl or Splitsider is), The Wirecutter is essentially a permanent "list of amazing gadgets," with occasional daily posts. Drop by when you're thinking of buying something electronic; Brian will steer you well. Here's how to use it. Simply crank the handle at the back of the site, and wait for your answer to scroll across the screen.


And the Best Condom Is …

"The taboos of talking about sex and everything it entails conspire to make condom-shopping a hushed, instant decision for many people. Doing a little homework and knowing which kind to get is important, because drugstore aisle shopping decisions happen in a matter of seconds — not minutes. Who wants to talk to the store clerk about their penis size? Where they’re going to do it? That they’re hoping to last longer? —The Wirecutter reviews condoms. It has also been updated to include "data gathered from women on condom preference." Enjoy!


I Drank the Kool-Aid, and It Was Juice

Skip this if you already know [about juice].

February 22, 0001 AJ: I was visiting San Francisco, staying with the excellent Wirecutter editor Brian Lam, and I wanted a coffee. So Brian suggested we go to his favorite cafe, which was also conveniently "near [his] juice place," where he needed to pick something up, although the juice-place part barely registered at the time. (I like to point out "my cobbler" to friends, too, for instance, but no one ever seems to care. "Oh you got your shoes fixed? Tell me more" <— words no one has ever said.)

So I got my coffee at the cafe and wandered around [...]