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All About Butts

Don't talk about Michelle Obama's butt.

In other enviable butt news, Kenya and Phaedra should step aside let Cynthia and Kandi make the workout videos, amirite?


Twitter Parties

The world recently began spinning very, very fast, did you feel it? Suddenly I had a baby and then that baby had a baby and when the world slowed back down to normal speed here I was with generations of offspring, no clue what's going on, and surrounded by people — including The Real Housewives of Atlanta and the LAPD Chief of Police — talking about "Twitter parties" like they're different from regular parties that you use Facebook or email or texts to invite people to and you should know that since everyone has been to them and can smell them from a mile away like NeNe did the [...]


How to Preserve a Wedding Dress

There are many hallways in Adrienne "A Real Housewife" Maloof's house. One of them leads at least to her husband's bathroom, possibly other places but we weren't paying close  enough attention because look what is hanging up inside a glass box at the end of that hallway. Sidetrack: her husband has his own bathroom. You know what that means. Back to the topic: this cannot be A Thing People Do. How much do you think a wedding dress has to cost to deserve this sort of extravagant afterlife? $20,000, right? Is that correct?

UPDATE: Just used The Internet to look it up and it's a St. Pucchi which is [...]