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The Oscars Suck, What Else Is New

"SELMA? One of the best pics of the year. But the directing, script, all the acting, & cinematography? Meh. Nice song, though."

— Patton Oswalt (@pattonoswalt) January 15, 2015

The Oscar nominations were announced this morning, with no big surprises: white men are continually rewarded for just showing up, people of color and women are almost completely shut out, the sky is blue, etc.

The biggest letdown, of course, was Selma (depending on what social media circles you run in—a lot of outrage about The Lego Movie being robbed, too), Ava DuVernay's painful, masterful work about Martin Luther King, Jr.'s efforts to get LBJ [...]


"The Red Carpet Project"

Here is a new game where you endlessly sort 478 Oscar outfits by celebrity, color, designer, and style, but not price.

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The Wolf of Wall Stweet

Thank you, Cinefix, for getting children to reenact scenes from this year's best picture nominees (American Hustle, Captain Phillips, Dallas Buyers Club, Gravity, Her, Nebraska, Philomena, 12 Years a Slave, and The Wolf of Wall Street). Feeling very much for any kid still figuring out her Rs (it gets better) and also rather impressed at how much full-body effort it takes a child to open a car door (see: Nebraska). [via]


It's Oscar Time, With Julie

Julie made a list of Oscar nominated films you can watch at home on Netflix and Amazon. Thanks, Julie!


The Oscars

Did you watch last night? The New York Times and the LA Times both have red-carpet roundups, The Cut has a list of general hits and misses, and HuffPo and MTV have summaries of the evening. There was apparently a toilet problem, and an accompanying odd quote about it.


How to Deal With Microphone Feedback

Did anyone else want to turn off the Oscars last night not because of how boring they were but because of the microphone feedback? Did you notice that every few seconds when someone would speak either a high-pitched zingy squeal would happen or a quiet but creepy robotic ghost noise would follow their words? You may remember theses sounds from such moments as your 6th birthday party when you'd stand too close to the boombox with your Mr. Microphone. I am not a scientist, so I will not attempt to tell you exactly how microphone feedback works, but I will run down a few of the simpler [...]