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Up Go the Feet

Sometimes when people give up their seat for me—as they ought—they accompany this generous gesture with the words “I’ve been sitting all day.” “Me too!” I say, happily taking the weight off my feet. If I've sat on my arse all day—and it’s definitely my English arse I sit on, not an American ass—then what I most want to do come evening is sit on it some more. But I do like to change where I sit on it. In the day I'm at my desk in one of those Herman Miller Aeron chairs that make one feel like a mid-level executive with back problems. For a while in the afternoon I move to a red leather chair that tilts back like a prototype of the first-ever business-class airplane seat in order to read, i.e. induce a nap. Having recovered from my nap, I put in a further quarter-hearted shift in my Aeron before moving to the living-room [...]


President Obama's Interview With "The New Republic"

"He bemoaned his own difficulty accessing newspapers and magazines on his ultra-secure presidential iPad, which doesn't allow him to enter required subscriber information." —Presidents: they have the same problems we do, but for different reasons. Remember when Michael Douglas tried to buy Annette Bening flowers, but the Secret Service had all his credit cards? Me too.


You're a Good Man, Charlie Windsor

"What, one wants to whisper into his still endearingly jug ears, have you got to lose?" Whatever this is, it could have gotten you thrown in the Tower a few hundred years ago.


Society Upend-ery

Did you have time for that New Republic piece about time?


"I couldn't stop staring."

The New Republic is explaining GIFs to, sweetly, "the uninitiated":

There’s a depth that can’t be had from traditional photographs; it feels both familiar and different. The eye stares at it, trying to make sense of what’s going on—how could there be depth in a two-dimensional image? And then the GIF just keeps going and going and going, drawing the onlooker away from whatever else awaits in that Twitter stream and the twenty other tabs beside it. “You have to watch it play out. When it plays out you can watch it again. It takes care of that click for you,” Repeat says. GIFs, unlike much of the rest [...]