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The “Fourteenth Share of Total Profits” Part Is Important

"This is important in this case because of the use of the defined term “Burglar.” Contracts to do something illegal are ordinarily unenforceable (e.g. collecting on an illegal gambling debt). But here what matters is not that the parties used the word ‘burglar’ but rather what sort of meaning they assigned to that defined term. As we shall see, the contract doesn’t require Bilbo to do anything illegal (or at least not obviously illegal), and so the contract will probably not fail for use of a questionable term." —On the legality of Bilbo Baggins' contract, one of the more successful things Peter Jackson decided to get cute with for [...]


The 13 Dwarves of "The Hobbit," Force-Ranked for Hotness

1. Thorin Oakenshield 2. Kili 3. Fili

End of list.

Thorin talks to GQ here. He does Bikram, he's 6'1. No biggie.


This Thing All Things Devours

Do you think Andy Serkis spends all of his downtime frantically drinking cups of tea with lemon and honey and mainlining Ricola? Maybe he should.

Poor Gollum. He never had a chance, you know? Maybe a few months in the Houses of Healing, some decent PTSD therapy for the torture he underwent in Mordor, the right girl…who's to say?