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Adventures With Gym Man

Story by Jane Hu, illustrations by Hallie Bateman.

Based on very true events.


Things Guys Have Said to Me at the Boxing Gym

1. “So, I’ll make you a deal. You win your fight, you take me out to dinner.”  — The dude named Marco who works there that I mentally call “The Situation” because of obvious similarities. Marco is at least a foot shorter than me and always greets me by yelling “Hey girrrrllll!” and then giggling. Not sure how he thought this was a fair deal.

2. “She’s probably making sandwiches for her new boyfriend.” — My coach, on why I wasn’t in muay thai kickboxing class last week. He’s such a jokester.

3. “Are you OK?” — Every guy who has ever given me a good bloody nose sparring.

4. “Are you [...]