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An Interview with Ann Wroe, Obituaries Writer for The Economist

I am not embarrassed to admit that the obituaries on the back page of The Economist make my week. They’re thought-provoking and written with energy. Each column is a window onto another world, where genocidal SS captains escape to Argentina and open a deli with best cold cuts in town, and where British men create Tibet’s communications network and end up imbibing Maoist propaganda in order to escape life in Chinese prison.

The woman who writes these obituaries is Ann Wroe, a stalwart of The Economist since 1976 and the author of nonfiction books on topics as diverse as the Iran-Contra affair and Pontius Pilate. She [...]


An Educated Model Is a Reliable Model

…the big fashion houses and leading photographers are tiring of the drama that comes with plucking girls as young as 15 from obscurity and propelling them to sudden stardom. Too often, models were showing up to photo-shoots hours late or drug-addled. This wasted a huge amount of time and money. Fashion houses are now keen to avoid trouble. Many find that educated models show up to work on time and don’t go doolally as often.

The Economist says it's — what else — economics pushing fashion houses to hire older, more educated models, but it sounds more like the designers are just a bunch of jealous old squares who don't [...]


What I Learned From Reading The Economist

A futile attempt to become smart by reading The Economist resulted in these 10 extremely dumb thoughts:

1. Why is that article about German Prime Minister Angela Merkel illustrated with a photo of her hands (presumably her hands?) in the same shape teenagers make to indicate a vagina, which is also, in the world of yoga, referred to as "Yoni Mudra?"

2. Should I write that professor at the University of Versailles who wrote a letter to the editor about tourist noise in Paris and say, "Hey, I also hate noise?" Will that make him feel supported or stalked?

3. Is there really, as an article in this issue claims, [...]


What If Each State Were Its Own Country?

Specifically, countries that already exist? The Economist measures GDPs around the world to find the countries economically equivalent to each US state. Mind blown. So where are you from now? [Via]


Suze Orman? This Is Cardinal Dolan.

The Economist has published an impressively thorough investigation into the books of the Catholic Church in the United States, and it doesn't stop at the $3.3 billion in sex abuse settlements, the staggeringly large annual lobbying fees to keep statutes of limitations laws in their favor, or the declining contributions of parishioners:

In the church, retirement is still largely in the gift of the bishop. Retirement plans for priests are typically set up as diocesan trusts rather than proper pension funds with structured benefits. They do not fall under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, the law that establishes standards for plan trustees and remedies [...]