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Waiting On Hollywood's LGBTQ Literacy: An Interview with Amy Sohn

In Amy Sohn’s new novel, The Actress, a millennial starlet is explicitly cast as the girlfriend of an older, closeted gay male heartthrob. Maddy Freed, an indie actress whose star is on the rise, is invited to read for an Oscar-worthy movie role opposite Steven Weller, two decades her senior. Maddy is instantly taken with Steven, a celebrated actor with a multi-decade career.

Steven has always been ripe for tabloid fodder given the endurance of his career. But despite cycling through an array of girlfriends (and one wife) over the years, gay rumors tail him constantly. Maddy, aware of the rumors, dismisses them as such and pursues a romantic [...]


Ann Carr Is The Actress

Have you been watching actress and comedian Ann Carr's touching and darkly funny web show The Actress? On it, she plays an actress named Hannah "making a go of it on the periphery of NYC's 'industry,' with no real friends or prospects, trying to retain a modicum of self-respect and sanity," per the show's PR representative. New episodes come out each Monday, and in this one (season two, episode two) we meet Brian, Hannah's "'chronically' unmotivated boyfriend." Get it, chronic? 4:20. Episode one involves a bratty tween who barfs in a car, and then there's all of season one.

You might recognize Ann Carr from such places [...]