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Are You in the Running to Become America's Next Top Dinner Guest?

If invitations to decadent holiday parties have been slower to arrive this year, you may not have what it takes to be America’s Next Top Dinner Guest; take this quiz to find out.

1.  When it comes to bringing something to the dinner party, you decide on…

a.  A  nice bottle of red wine. b. Yo-Yo Ma to play music throughout the evening. c.  A group of crust-punk runaways you met outside of a 7-Eleven. They're excited to use the shower!

2.  You decide that the best time to arrive at dinner is…

a.  Around the time the host suggested. b.  Months in advance to install your corn husk fantasy [...]


The Mulholland Pie

Previously: A Pie for the American People.

Ann Friedman plans to spend the holiday quietly whispering to her log.


Oyster That Looks Like It's Smiling Named Guest of Honor at Massachusetts Dinner

Rockefeller the oyster with a face (née Oysterface) was ultimately deemed too realistic too eat at Eva "Keeper of Oyster With a Face" Carbonaro's Thanksgiving celebration.



A Call to DIY: Thanksgiving Garbage Aliens

What are you doing with your turkey carcass this year? Just throwing it out? That sounds pretty normal. Using it to make stock for your famous Black Friday turkey pot pies, then composting the remains? Well, look at you. Anyway, whatever your plans, reconsider!

Inspired by the recent revelation that people in Russia keep finding alien corpses that look suspiciously like rotten food, we thought it would be fun (?) to make our own aliens from the dregs of our Thanksgiving meals. And we'd like you to do it, too, if you want! Why should you? Maybe you're bored because the rest of your family is watching football, or maybe you [...]


Or It's a Space Station and We Have Days to Live

Orphan. Starless. Rogue. Alien. Planet. —Remember, however lonely your holiday may be, it's better than that celebrated by CFBDSIR2149, drifting aimlessly through space and time and memory.


Meatless Thanksgiving Ideas

If you're planning a vegetarian Thanksgiving dish (or multiple vegetarian Thanksgiving dishes), both the Times and Food52 have ideas for you, and pictures. If you can only pick one, go to Food52 for the pictures, pictures of food. Leek and greens tart, pear and smoked gouda dutch baby. Butternut squash and roasted garlic gallette. Okay, onward.


Friday Bargain Bin: IRL Edition

Go to the mall!


Grateful for Coworkers, Even Eric

Only 10% of adults say thanks to a colleague every day, and just 7% express gratitude daily to a boss, according to a survey this year of 2,007 people for the John Templeton Foundation of West Conshohocken, Pa., a nonprofit organization that sponsors research on creativity, gratitude, freedom and other topics.

"And other topics."

Earlier: Eric.


The Proper Way to Celebrate Someone Else's Holiday

On the first Thanksgiving she invited us, she told me that she was “going to do something different” and that a big saddle of veal would be the centerpiece of the meal.

I was shocked and told her that if she didn’t cook turkey, I wasn’t coming. She switched to turkey, even including “turkey fry,” or testicles, which she found at her butcher shop. We fried it and divided it among the unknowing guests, who loved it.

Um. Just think twice before inviting the devastatingly charming French chef, Jacques Pepin, to Thanksgiving dinner, is all. He goes on to list his must haves, which include stuffing (no prob), cranberry sauce (as [...]


Happy Thanksgiving

And we're off! Have a pleasant and delicious Thanksgiving/Thursday, wherever you are. We'll be back on Monday (and sporadically tomorrow and Friday), and we hope to see you then. In the meantime, eat, drink, and take pictures, if you feel so inclined.

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