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Red Wines to Bring to Olivia Pope's House on Thanksgiving

Congratulations: you have been invited to Olivia Pope's house for Thanksgiving!

Ms. Pope, the self-appointed surrogate mother to far from home-rs, rag-taggers, newly separated couples and recently-freed-from-underground-prison-dwellers, will bring in a mixed crowd that might seem hard to please. You are a terrible cook, but no matter, you have heard ("from anonymous sources") that Ms. Pope is a closeted wino. Thusly you will show up with a delicious red and be met with praise.

One predicament stands in your way of Ms. Pope's gloved embrace: you know nothing about wine, let alone red wine. So consider this your field guide to good but cheapie red wine that Thanksgiving guests will [...]




“My elves make goose liver with Tokaji — sweet Hungarian wine. It complements the liver’s saltiness.”

To celebrate Thanksgiving, I walked around Brooklyn and asked people to discuss family recipes.


The Deadliest Mash

Those are mashed potatoes, people, not custard, and they will force your guests to proclaim tomorrow's feast, "The best Thanksgiving dinner ever. Holy shit. Amazing. I could die now." And that is a direct quote. After some glamour shots, a cooking lesson begins at 2:00. Follow along in English with this recipe.


The Gratitude Pie


Previously: The Funny Girls Pie

Ann Friedman is busy both eating and drawing pie.


Ask a Glutton: I Need to Trick Everyone Into Thinking I'm an Adult This Thanksgiving

Dear Glutton,

My girlfriend and I are hosting our first ever real Thanksgiving dinner as a couple on Thursday, and I’m feeling more than a little overwhelmed. I love to cook, but mostly eat vegetarian, and the idea of making a huge, multi course, meat centered meal for a bunch of people I want to impress is FREAKING ME OUT! I’ve bought all the ingredients, and have some basic ideas of what I’m making (sweet potatoes, turkey, brussels sprouts, the usual suspects), but I’m hoping you could give me a timeline. When do I make what? How do I make sure everything isn’t freezing cold/has to cook at the [...]


Happy Thanksgiving

And we're off! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, or a wonderful regular Thursday and Friday, depending where you are and what you celebrate. We'll be back on Monday, but in the meantime, some holiday memories: Famous Turkey Last Words and Proposed New Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons. (Also Free Rice.)


Thanksgiving Away From Home

In my family, only one Thanksgiving tradition has stood the test of time and place. It’s not the turkey or the stuffing or even my mother’s famous pumpkin rolls, though if we are lucky, those foods are all there, and they are delicious. It’s not food at all, or the particular array of people present. It’s what happens in the moment toward the end of dinner, once the meal has been devoured and praised, when the coffee is being made and the pie being sliced and doled out onto plates. My dad pours himself another wine—red, of course, "it's good for the heart!" he says—looks at the table in front [...]


Please Refer All Turkey Inquiries to C.J. Cregg

The White House invites you to vote on which turkey it will not kill tomorrow: Are you "Team Caramel" or "Team Popcorn"? I liked it better when C.J. Cregg got to decide.


Stuffing, Pastrami, and Chopped Liver

Thanksgiving makes me think of my grandmother — when my sister and I were kids, my family would make the four-hour drive down from Boston to New York City to see her the Wednesday morning before Thanksgiving, waking up at dawn (we had to leave by 6:45 a.m.), so my father could beat the traffic on the Merritt.

For 50 years, Gran lived alone in a small, rent-controlled one-bedroom apartment, with a bathroom faucet that leaked, in a beautiful prewar building on East 10th St. in Greenwich Village. When the historic apartment building, built in 1928, was turned into modern luxury condos, selling for $1.1 to $5.2 million, and the regal wooden [...]