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Now That I'm Married, I Only Use Crystal

Dear family, friends, and plus ones:

On our one-year wedding anniversary (what what!), Eric and I would like to officially thank you for helping make my special day so special. There were wayyyy too many of you to send individual cards so I thought this group email was perfect! It’s also an opportunity to share how all of your gifts have impacted our married life, and possibly remind some of you that there are still a few items available on our registries at Neiman-Marcus, Bloomingdales, Crate and Barrel, Tiffany’s, and the British Museum. Thanks so much!!!

When Eric and I got married, it changed everything. We had [...]


Mini Ask a Lady: The Thank-You Note

My New Year's resolution! It's to start writing thank-you letters. I don't write thank-you letters because I am a terrible person. And when I think about how I don't write thank-you letters and how that makes me a terrible person, I get this crushing anxiety that totally dissuades me from actually doing anything to change it! (Crushing anxiety would probably be a bit of a melodramatic overstatement, but you know what I'm saying?) So! Do you know any tips for making writing thank-you notes easier/bearable/not just thank-you notes but Christmas cards! By next year, how can I become a person who sends out Christmas cards? I don't know where [...]