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I got a new phone after losing mine on New Year's last year, and these are the last lines of every conversation I have saved in it.


Got my phonenumbeeeeer back!

What time you leaving? Quick drink before?

Great, thanks, it may be easier to just order some new pants though.




Sounds Great

Up to anything?

Awwwww. Leaving in 5


Ok. See you soon.

400 dollars


ok we're home!


sounds good xoxox!



Got it

Aw ok


It was nice to meet you, thanks.

I was at that last week hope work schedule lets me go again


Def, have a [...]


A Text Dialogue With a Twist

The background: a few months ago, I borrowed a friend's car to make a short trip and was, within minutes, in a car accident. (Ugh.) Both cars were rendered undriveable. The man with whom I collided texted me a couple of days later. The following is what ensued. 


Texts From the Baby-Sitters Club

Hey Claudia I know math is really tough for you but even you should know that two dollars an hour for six hours means we’re at least twelve dollars short of what should be in the treasury i know how much twelve is, Kristy and i didn't take your stupid money look all I'm saying is that someone that good at hiding candy in her room probably has a few great places to hide twelve dollars like maybe in an incredibly ugly macrame wallet with velvet appliqués yeah well at least my dad still lives at home unlike some people’s dads unlike your dad  Kristy

Kristy? It's Mallory I hope [...]


Text Me Possibly

"I happen to love long conversations on the telephone, probably because I think I’m pretty great at it – I’m highly verbal, thrilled by the joust and parry of a good debate, and the pure audio allows me to stop worrying about stupid stuff like how I look in this dress, and what your eyes are staring at right now OMG there is something in my nose." —Salon's lovely Sarah Hepola is insane.


Reading Between the Texts: The Best/Worst Texts We Got This Year

The Texts

2:30 a.m. Him: I find myself still attracted to you but I’m glad I was able to come talk to you tonight. R: Well I’ll always have a little crush on you too, but I’m glad we could talk and that you’re happy. Him: If I’m honest I don’t know if I would have had the resolve to say no if the attempt had been made to take things further.

9:20 a.m. Him: But you can do way better.

The Analysis

K: Hahahahaha wow I am going to slay the whole solar system. R: We seriously never have a punching bag around here, anywhere. K: I can’t [...]


Texts From Little Women

MEG  MEG  MEG WHAT’S ALL THIS  WHAT’S ALL THIS I’M HEARING ABOUT YOUR GETTING MARRIED tell me it’s a wretched lie  Jo I don’t know how many more times we have to have this conversation I’ll have it a THOUSAND TIMES if I must but yes I am still marrying John tomorrow OH GREAT TRIPLE-HORNED GOD just like I was planning to yesterday this is unbearable and also last month answer me this, then who exactly do you think is going to play Mercy when we put on my version of The Pilgrim’s Progress this summer? I wrote that part for YOU  wrote it beautifully in fact I don’t know, [...]


WYMM? ;)

Dear Miss Manners: In the past year, two male friends whom I have known for years proposed marriage. I turned them down due to the fact that both asked me in a text message.

So. Many. Questions! 1. How old are you guys? (27) 2. Two in one year! Not so much a question. 3. Did you get a new hairdo recently or something? 4. Is it possible they were being funny? Sarcasm in text messages is hard to read. 5. What were you guys doing for all those years? 6. Being friends? 7. Are you sure? 8. Did you turn them down also via text? 9. How? Just [...]


The Ghosting of Ghost

Day 1 hello hi hello oh  oh hi there has to be someone here  there really just has to be i dont want it just to be me here  hello? oh oh i dont want it to just be me

Day 19 well this happens to be a phone I couldn’t really say about the others so nobody knows then  I didn’t say that Some of them don’t wind up here or some of them do but not all of them or not for very long I can’t make you any promises you won’t end up in a cactus for a time or a cursed and collapsing star or a [...]


309 Days of Unanswered Texts

Texting can be like a reverse Brigadoon, with people emerging from and disappearing into the fog. Sometimes my phone registers an incoming text on duplicate: Hey! Hey! But sort of like email threads where you can now tell — whoa! you've spent 17 emails just figuring out which movie to see with your friend! — text logs can be eerily distilling things. Have you really not texted that friend since 2010? Sometimes you notice how someone replies almost entirely with the same text (I have a correspondence consisting almost entirely of "amazing"s and smileyfaces). But nothing is quite so haunting as being on either side of a one-way conversation. I'm [...]


Texts From Scarlett O'Hara

where r u Scarlett I'm at work I can't text right now need u at mill Scarlett I have the baby with me I really can't come to the mill what baby My baby. Wade. My baby with Melanie. guess what kind of corset im wearing I don't see what this has to do with the mi- im not

Darling, I was going through some old things this morning and found Charles’ ornamental officer’s sash I thought you’d like to have it So I gave it to Mammy for cleaning and she’ll give it to you later who is charles Scarlett, how you joke! was he that guy I [...]