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Where We Are: A Journey Through Teen Fandom

“For a long time I lived a double life. Most of my preteen and teen years were spent trying to be as alternative as possible, which meant actively hating things that everyone else liked, especially when it came to music. I went to emo shows in basement venues during all-ages nights, but also put songs from hit music radio on my iPod Mini and prayed no one would find out.”

“The Fuckbois of Vine”

A column that is a real window into the six-second hearts and minds of Teens.

Teens Only Laughing At 9/11 Until About Labor Day

“The modern 9/11 joke takes aim at the truthers, the conspiracy theorists who ruled the Internet fringe in the early aughts. Constructing the joke is often as simple as fishing a conspiratorial slogan out from the Internet’s past and releasing it on the modern Web. The most popular catchphrase of the moment is ‘jet fuel can’t melt steel beams,’ a riff on the truther mantra that fires sparked by planes couldn’t have burned hot enough to tumble the towers, so government bombs probably helped them out. More than 10 years after the attacks, jokesters co-opted the line, and after an incubation period in weird Twitter, it graduated to teen phenomenon last year and confirmed meme this spring. Now, Sept. 11 conspiracy humor is everywhere.”

The Best Time I Lost My Virginity In The Catacombs of Paris

Yes, the catacombs.

The Best Time I Got Kicked Out of My Punk Band

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