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[Technical Difficulties]

Sorry for the delays on my end — I'm having some technical difficulties this week, although they're probably my fault by this point. How's everyone else's week going, on a scale of 1 to 2?


Technical Difficulties

What would be the olden-day equivalent to the internet going slower than it's supposed to? A book with heavy pages? Pulling some kind of horrible wagon? Anyway, technical difficulties on The Hairpin today, apologies.


How to Deal With Microphone Feedback

Did anyone else want to turn off the Oscars last night not because of how boring they were but because of the microphone feedback? Did you notice that every few seconds when someone would speak either a high-pitched zingy squeal would happen or a quiet but creepy robotic ghost noise would follow their words? You may remember theses sounds from such moments as your 6th birthday party when you'd stand too close to the boombox with your Mr. Microphone. I am not a scientist, so I will not attempt to tell you exactly how microphone feedback works, but I will run down a few of the simpler [...]


The Internet Would Rumplestiltskin a Baby

Sorry for the delay this morning, we were cooking sperm with WiFi so powerful it started a fire in our datacenter. (No, but both of those are true in different ways.)