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Tanlines' "All of Me" Video

Experimental-pop duo Tanlines — a.k.a. Jesse Cohen and Eric Emm — got The Mighty Boosh's Julian Barratt to make his music video-directing debut for their perfect song "All of Me," from their just-released debut album Mixed Emotions (buy it here). It's a weird one!

("All of Me" is still available as a free download on their label's blog.)


Morning Music: Grimes, Tanlines, Four Tet

If you liked those Tanlines singles from last week, you'll perhaps enjoy the stream of their new album Mixed Emotions, a couple weeks ahead of its March 20 release, on NPR. (Are you ever so enthusiastic about something you worry you're somehow making it worse?)

There's also a neat new song from Four Tet (a.k.a. British electronic musician Kieran Hebden) and Burial (a.k.a. British electronic musician William Bevan) called "Nova."

Plus the lovely Grimes (a.k.a. Canadian dream-pop musician Claire Boucher) has a new music video out — "Oblivion," from her album Visions, released earlier this year. Plus there's that new Bruce [...]


Tanlines, "All of Me"

Yes! In preparation for the release of their debut album, Mixed Emotions (out March 20), the New York-based experimental pop duo Tanlines — a.k.a. Jesse Cohen and Eric Emm, who are cute and funny, and also probably good, upstanding people in general — have released two singles: "All of Me" (above), which is available as a free download over on their label's site, and "Brothers," which they're streaming and giving away on their own site. If you like these songs, you might also like Tanlines' 2010 mini-album (or, EP) Settings, which is excellent background music for dinner and cocktail parties, and everything else.