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How to Know If You're Having the Same Wedding as Everyone Else on Pinterest

1. Do you find yourself using words like “country,” “DIY,” and “upcycling” when describing your concept?

2. Are you scouting “backyard” locations?

3. Are there Mason jars involved?

4. Will your bridesmaids be wearing cowgirl boots? Feathers? How about the groomsmen — bowties? Suspenders?

5. Are you thinking of succulents, or perhaps air plants, to add sass to your bouquet? 


The Table That Moves Like a Spider

Finally a table that can walk! It really makes me want to host a dinner party that I could call "A Moveable Feast." (Very original title, no?) It'd work like this: I invite people to an elaborate multi-course dinner that I serve on this table, which I've placed at the start of a very long pier that stretches out over a beautiful lake. After each course, I make everyone stand up, and we move the table a few feet closer to the end of the dock. Then we sit back down and enjoy the next course. Finally, after we've had dessert and after-dinner drinks, we push the table [...]