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The Art Of Awareness: Interview with Melody Nixon of Apogee Journal

In August, a couple friends and I decided to start a storytelling series called the “Personal Experience of Surveillance.” The purpose was to gather people who have experienced firsthand surveillance, whether by the government, employers, Internet, or friends, to share and build a better understanding of the breadth of surveillance. What we found is that both your privileges and anything that can be used against you—whether in your race, gender, sexuality, class, or even personality—are heightened significantly when you experience being surveilled. This can have consequences with your education, employment, health, personal relationships, and the way that you trust and interact with everyone.

At the storytelling series, I [...]


Polar Bear v. Technology

Watch a polar bear give CPR, etc. to someone's expensive pride-and-joy of a spy camera dressed up to look like a snowball. [Via]


The Almost Girl: An Interview with Chelsea Hodson

For 656 consecutive days, Chelsea Hodson photographed and wrote about one object she owned until all 656 of her material possessions have been accounted for on her blog. Originally conceived as a way to structure an essay, Chelsea’s Inventory had grown into an unexpected and insightful collection of anecdotes, lyrical poetry, aphorisms, and notes from her reading—in sum, an autobiography in objects. If capitalism is religion, her impeccable self-portraits and seductively economical prose have the aura of a modern Madonna.

In collaboration with the Marina Abramovic Institute, Chelsea also performed the catalog in its entirety in one seven-hour marathon reading session. (She fainted after ninety minutes [...]


The Secret Lives of Shoppers

There is an exposé in The New York Times today about all the ways big stores spy collect info on you so they can stealthily manipulate your purchasing habits. Did you know that without looking at you or (rudely) asking, just by analyzing when you buy a certain 25 products including unscented lotion, Target can tell you've entered the second trimester of your pregnancy? And buried five pages in is the bewildering tale of Febreze giving up on appealing to people with stinky homes — because people with stinky homes don't realize they're stinky. That's how they get so stinky. Who's up for a house swap and some [...]