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Dude Text Decoded

We dudes can be a confusing, emotionally constipated, nearly-illiterate group of horndogs with smartphones. And since it’s 2014 and most people are paralyzed by the idea of speaking into a phone receiver, we must fumble our path to fornication via cryptic texts which barely constitute as flirting, let alone communication, most of the time.

But hey! I’m a dumb dude with thumbs and a libido! So let me pull back the Old Spice-scented curtain and let you peek inside the mind of the modern bro’s texting intentions:

hey = I am scared, unfathomably scared.

sup? = Please do not discover my insane insecurities, I do not feel cool. Ever.


Hi, We're Back

This morning the tubes crossed and the cores switched and the server took a long coffee break, but here we are. We missed you. We are prepared to blog. We will now blog.


A Brief Introduction

Hello, The Hairpin. I’m Emma, your new editor. Today is the first day that I will be running the site; Edith is sticking around for a bit to show me how to press buttons. After that, as we discussed last week, she’ll be around less often, and we here will go forward, boldly and seamlessly into the future.