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"Dainty, Small Lady" Eats Two 72-Ounce Steaks in 15 Minutes

“Molly had called about a year ago, she said, and we took it as a hoax,” Lee said. “This little girl walked in here and… she’s one of the daintiest, smallest ladies that I’ve see try the 72-ounce steak.”

Molly Schuyler, a competitive eater from Bellevue, Neb., successfully completed two 72-ounce steak dinners at the Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo, Tex., this week. The dainty, small lady (elsewhere known as the "bottomless pit" and "the 120-pound mother from Nebraska") also won Philly's famous Wing Bowl in January. I think she's about due for a real nickname. [Amarillo Globe-News, h/t our [...]


Questions for Someone Who Recently Rented a Private Island

Last weekend, to celebrate my 40th birthday, some friends and I rented a house on Pot Island, a tiny and humorously named land mass in Connecticut’s Thimble Islands. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

You did what? Exactly who the hell do you think you are?

No seriously, I’m just some guy. But you discover, when embarking on this sort of project, that if you combine a large group of people, the result is some serious purchasing power! We each threw in somewhere around three hundred bucks. (They haven’t told me what the exact figure was, because, well, it was my birthday.) We stayed from Friday to Monday. We cooked all of [...]


Here Is a Video of a Woman Eating a 72-Ounce Steak in Under Three Minutes

When she finishes, she eats some onion rings or something, I'd say more but I've lost my ability to make words. Via Complex.


Cambridge vs. Cambridge vs. Steak

"The study was conducted by researchers at Harvard University, which undoubtedly added to its credibility factor. But it’s important to note that this was not a controlled experiment that established a causal link between red meat and specific causes of death." Deborah Blum of M.I.T.'s Knight Science Journalism Tracker blog deconstructs that Red Meat Will Kill You study, and glazes it with a nice red wine jus.


Eleven Days Alone In: Paris

Edith Zimmerman: Frequent traveler and Wikipedia enthusiast Chiara Atik just took a trip to Paris for Christmas and New Year's, which she chronicled on Tumblr and Instagram, inspiring both jealousy and vicarious delight. Chiara! Did you stay in one place or did you move around, hotel/apartment-wise?

Chiara Atik: One place! AirBnB. I think I'd be too lazy to move around, but that seems like a cool way to see different parts of a city. It was so nice to have an apartment there, though, to grocery shop, hang out on the couch, and just feel like a local for a week. 


Lean Cuisine-A-Day: Steak Tips Portabello

After one bite I literally had to read the ingredients list on the side of the box to figure out if I was chewing steak or mushrooms because it says it contains both, but all the brown parts looked and felt and tasted exactly the same. Wanna know the answer? Both! They must've finally figured out how to genetically engineer a cowshroom and I wish I could say it's as delicious as it sounds, but… don't eat this! The broccoli is just regular mushy frozen broccoli and the "steak tips portabello" is ??? And the burgundy wine sauce? Okay, so I checked that too and yes, while wine is [...]