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How to Be a Genius (Or, How to Contract Syphilis and Be An Artist)

It seems that James Joyce was not the simple hypochondriac he’s often assumed to be. Rather, with his panoply of debilitating symptoms, he was something far more romantic: a syphilitic. According to a new biography, if the long-whispered rumors about Joyce’s burden are true, he had the French Curse, the Spanish Itch, the Canton Rash, or whatever delicate nickname he preferred to use.

Artistic genius and syphilis are strange but habitual bedfellows. (For men, of course; women with syphilis are just diseased prostitutes.) Joyce was in good, grossly infected company: Charles Baudelaire, Vincent van Gogh, Beethoven, Francisco Goya, Oscar Wilde, Gustave Flaubert, Édouard Manet, Guy de Maupassant, and Friedrich [...]


Cali Teens Can Get HPV Vaccine Without Permission

More proof that the west coast is just helluv chill, dude.


Immortal Gonorrhea Is Here

"[W]ithin 10 to 20 years." —A scientist estimates when the treatment-resistant gonorrhea superbug that just popped up in Japan will circle the world.


Vintage STD Warning Strangely Charming

Despite their raging STDs, the beautiful people in this 1969 public service ad are having the time of their lives. If you've got it, flaunt it! [Via]


How I Found Out I Didn't Have the Herpes I'd Been Living With for Four Years

This story is an update to this story, published here in April 2012.

Six months ago, I sat waiting in my gynecologist’s exam room chair, fully clothed and wishing I were anywhere else. At that particular moment, I’d even have preferred being naked and spread-eagled on the paper-lined bed. It’s not true what they say about the stirrups being the worst part of the ladyparts exam room: it’s the chair. Once you’re clothed and in the chair, it means you’re there to talk.

You never forget your first time debriefing with your gynecologist. Mine was four years ago, at age 22, when I sat crumpled in a chair [...]


The Best Time I Found Out I Had HPV

Tom and I had been dating for about a month when the dots appeared. It was a Saturday morning and I had been lying in his bed while he showered, but when he came back into his room — wrapped in a towel but not remotely dry — he bypassed the girl and the bed and headed directly to his computer to type furiously and mumble anxiously. I watched him from across the room and waited for him to tell me what all the fuss was about. With him, there was always fuss about. Finally, I asked what was wrong.

"I found these dots. On my finger."

"Okay…" I [...]


MTV Wants You to Know Your STDs

MTV recently launched Get Yourself Tested, a campaign encouraging you to get tested for STDs in case you're on the fence about getting tested for STDs and need a nicely laid out website to nudge you in the right direction. If you do need such a website, then by all means head over there. And if you go there, and if you watch the featured video (the teaser for "10 Outrageous Sex Myths"), can you please tell me what Kelly Rowland says at 0:50, because it sounds like she says "I have three guy kids because of a head," and it just bent my mind back around in [...]


The Perks of Herpes

We were naked. He was hard. I'd always considered this moment the best time to disclose, because rejection seemed less likely when the possibility of a good lay was hot-breath close. Though maybe once we're naked, it's too late.

I shut my legs and stacked my knees to one side. “I have to tell you something,” I said.

Prefaces, everyone knows, are never good.

“What?” he asked.

I took a breath, let it out. I hate this part, I said to myself, possibly aloud. And then, definitely aloud: “I have herpes.”

Silence. The word had to be chased with something.

“But before you freak out,” I said as casually [...]


Everyone Has HPV, Pretty Much

Did you catch the whole HPV vaccine fight during the Tea Party debate the other night? Ayelet Waldman did and is being very honest over on Twitter right now, which reminded us how much we loved her shockingly revealing Fresh Air interview. NSFW if your boss isn't into you crying at your desk. Topics discussed: mental illness, abortion, and being an over-sharer.


Diagnose STDs With Your Cell Phone

Good news: Soon you can find out whether you and people whose pee you have access to are infected with chlamydia and other STDs using only your smartphone. Just pee on a thing, plug it into your phone, and new software will tell you what diseases you've picked up. Then it emits a long, piercing siren! No, the hope is that the phone technology will then send a message — or, let you choose whether to send a message — to the nearest clinic/pharmacy, where you can go pick up medication and cure yourself.

But wait — covering something with pee and then attaching it to an item [...]