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Excerpts From the February 2015 Vogue, Presented Without Commentary

Condé Nast's arrival downtown is, I am sure, going to precipitate more changes to the neighborhood, creating one of those moments when you feel the center of gravity shift. It will be fascinating to see how the landscape is transformed (I hope one result will be an outpost of Starbucks a little closer to the office!).

Fast-forward several decades, and I delightedly accepted an invitation to Villa Zinnia, house of the late Prince Rupert Lowenstein, a great friend of my parents', grand seigneur, and former manager of the Rolling Stones.

Of course, the place does feel wildly exclusive too. The grand (and sometimes questionable) taste of some of the [...]


The Chicken Sausage Wrap is Okay

Starbucks: A Third Place (to use the bathroom without purchase?)

Feel free to use the comments to discuss how you, with the aid of a French press, make your own coffee for pennies, and that Starbucks coffee tastes burnt, and that the trenta-sizing is a Horseperson of the Apocalypse. Or how the "Americano" is so named because WWII soldiers couldn't handle their espresso.

Or, if you've done time in the Starbucks trenches, how people make their own sketchy lattes by using up all of the milk. If you are the person maintaining Wikipedia's absurdly well-documented article on the latter phenomenon, a hat tip [...]


NYC Starbucks Toilet Roulette

An anonymous source "familiar with the company's New York plans" has revealed that "Starbucks cannot be the public bathroom in the city anymore," due to long lines and the fact that Starbucks employees have to wait in them, too. Apparently a few will stay public, however, meaning that "If you are a tourist," per the mystery Starbucks-bathroom Deep Throat, "you will not know which Starbucks has a bathroom."


The New American Wine Glass

News you can use: The Starbucks Trenta cup can hold an entire bottle of wine. And although the Starbucks Trenta cup technically holds more liquid than the average human stomach, I know for a fact that the average human stomach can hold a bottle of wine, so all is well. Plus the straw could help with teeth stains. And if you got a bendy straw you could drink it lying down, and it would be like you were playing hospital with yourself.



A Song of Spice and Fire

The night's chill lingered into the early morning, coming through my window, rustling my curtains in their wake. Birds hooted from their branches: It's time, it's time. Bodega cats crawled from beneath their milk crates and yowled at the rising sun. In the distance, like on Coney Island where there's space, a tumbleweed rolled through a yard.

I awoke instantly, and I knew my call had come: Today I would drink my first Pumpkin Spice Latte.


What's on the Menu at Starbucks' New Juice Bar

The first outlet of the Starbucks-purchased Evolution Fresh opens today in Bellevue, Washington, but if you can't make it out there and want to know what to expect when one eventually glides down on a corner near you, their menu is online and viewable from anywhere. (They also sell bottled juice at select stores, at the moment.) For instance, there's the Sweet Greens and Lemon Juice (info above), the Spicy Lemonade, the Apple Berry Fiber Smoothie, and an interesting, unspoken micro-battle between the Essential Greens Juice and the Vital Greens Juice.

There are gift cards, they are on Twitter (as "Jimmy"), and there is (and will [...]


Has Anyone Bought the $85 Starbucks Shirt?

Alexander Wang designed three shirts to commemorate Starbucks' 40th anniversary, and one of them is this pre-"stained" cotton/polyester blend t-shirt, available at Nordstrom for $85, with a design that starts as a coffee spill and ends as the Starbucks mermaid logo.

Following this logic, what would be some other good t-shirts? Heinz could probably come up with something nice. Ditto Tampax, Carlo Rossi, and Kikkomon. Whole new genre of top.



Inside The Barista Class

One of the most obscene things I learned as a barista was how eager people are to be liked. NYU sophomores, the ones with Jansport backpacks in full makeup at 9 a.m., stuttered their orders and shyly complimented me on my nose ring. I semi-patiently listened to innumerable Wikipedia-style monologues about the music I was playing from men in their twenties trying to render their business attire invisible with cultural know-how. I was given zines, mixtape-party fliers, home-recorded chillwave demos.

I said things like "How’s the app going?" and "Welcome to the neighborhood." I answered questions for new Greenpoint residents—of which there were more each year—about the best place to [...]


Starbucks Evening Blend

Chicago is the latest city that can make good on the silent promise of the New American Wine Glass: beer and wine are set to be introduced within the year at seven local Starbucks shops, via the Trojan horse that is the poetry reading. (Related: wine has been in a few Seattle Starbucks locations since autumn 2010, although it doesn't yet seem to have changed anyone's life.)



Good morning! Get right back into it with this blog of misspelled names on Starbucks cups.

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