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The Final Fortunate Cookie


Via the Atlantic, the terrifying news that spiders lure their prey to their silken death-webs via electrical attraction.


Thoughts I Had When Looking at This Spiderweb Plate

Is nature a distracting background?

Is my living room ceiling a distracting background?

Is a distracting background the reason I'm always walking into spiderwebs?

Who does this?

What is this guy's deal in real life? Is he always doing this?

How do you figure out that the best way to preserve spiderwebs is with aluminum silver paint? Do you test a lot of products before you find the one that's both strong enough and not so heavy it destroys the web? What else would you try? Aluminum gold paint? Tin silver paint? Spray glue? That stuff you make out of flour and water?

Is putting them on plates a [...]


Estate Jewelry: The Horror

This 18k yellow gold “Scorpion” necklace, ca. 1978, was created by Italian designer Elsa Peretti for Tiffany & Co. The necklace, which is formed of interlocking segments, has a detachable tail, so that just the scorpion claws can be worn as a collar. It’s an iconic piece, and typical of the stripped-down, organic style of the designer. Peretti actually drew her inspiration for this piece from the scorpions living near her home in Catalonia, Spain, and the British Museum, which owns one of these necklaces in sterling silver, quotes her as saying “While working in Sant Martí Vell, I came across a lot of scorpions. The animals [...]


Happy Tarantula Mating Season

Great news for people who love staying indoors: It is tarantula mating season in California this week. They will reportedly be copulating "all over" your local hiking trails, Golden State, but we're told they're "harmless." Another detail from this story that has the potential, I've learned, to lead you down a really strange and not-recommended YouTube hole: "After inseminating the female, male tarantulas often meet a tragic fate: if females are hungry, they sometimes overpower and then devour them. It's not too hard, considering the males are already entangled in the female's fangs." Who run… the world? [via]


Estate Jewelry: A Spider Miscellany

This little spider is American, circa 1900. He’s made of gold and platinum, with diamond-accented legs, demantoid garnet eyes, and a body consisting of water opal (colorless, with an internal bluish or gold glow) and fire opal (variations of bright orange, yellow or red).

Spider cufflinks! Tiny, unnervingly realistic spiders of white gold and black star sapphire rest on beds of mother-of-pearl, set in 14k yellow gold. 


Nefertiti the Spidernaut, Feburary – December 2012

"It is with sadness that the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History announces the death of Nefertiti, the 'Spidernaut.' 'Neffi' was introduced to the public Thursday, Nov. 29, after traveling in space on a 100-day, 42-million-mile expedition en route to and aboard the International Space Station." (Previously: "My 100 Days in Space.")


"8 to 10 Foot Cobwebs Dancing Across the Sky": Charlotte's Web Is Happening for Real in Texas Right Now

Hold onto your butts.

North Texans [were] puzzled over what they saw in the skies Wednesday, but it turns out it was just Mother Nature at work. "I noticed this 8 to 10 foot cobweb strand stringing and dancing across the sky," said Dallas resident Ginger Reid. "I thought ‘Is that real? I don't know if that's real.’”

Long silky strands falling across North Texas actually signal the migration of a cluster of spiders. "Most likely what it is is a thing called ballooning, which baby spiders do," said the Dallas Zoo’s Tim Brys. "So after they hatch, they spread a little silk line from [...]


The Spider's Silk

The Spider's Silk

Previously: The Ghosts of Next Year

Natalie Eve Garrett is an artist who likes surprises. Prints of her paintings are for sale here — including this one, and now THIS.


My 100 Days in Space

"A jumping spider that spent 100 days in space is retiring to @NMNH's Insect Zoo. @NMNH is live tweeting her arrival right now. #spidernaut" —@Smithsonian. Oh my god it's so good to be back!!! Wait, I meant to say, I just flew in from space, and all of my arms are so tired and feel so heavy! Haha.

It was a little spooky up there. Out there? They sent me to see if I could still eat in a gravity-free environment, which they didn't think I could, and which I understand, more or less, as potentially beneficial for science and the greater good. It's [...]