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Hitchhiking to the End of the World

Sandwiched between a hulking grey backpack and an expandable bag on my chest, I stand on the shoulder of a steep road that winds up from a surreal aqua lake. I’m on the edge of the pristine Aspen-like town San Martin de los Andes in Argentina’s northern Patagonia. I have a purpose here. I just decided one hour ago: I am hitchhiking to Ushuaia, the southernmost tip in South America. I am hitchhiking to the End of the World.

I’ve been in the country for a month and only hitchhiked once before. I don’t know what I’m doing. "Stick out your thumb higher,” two passing Chilean hitchhikers call out [...]


Seven Months Alone in South America

Last year, Laura Yan spent seven months in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.

So! How did you end up in South America?

It was a little arbitrary. I was working at a law firm in New York City, and I knew I wanted to quit my job after a year. I just had this vague idea that I wanted to travel. I'd never really done a long trip before, and so I started doing research, and was looking at pictures of llamas and Macchu Pichu, and was like, "I'd really like to see llamas and Macchu Pichu." Peru, and South America generally, just seemed like a [...]


Breakfast in Argentina and Chile

Good morning! If you're hungry now, or plan to be later, Metafilter user jontyjago put together a beautiful list of under-appreciated (in English-speaking countries, at least) South American recipes. The scrambled eggs with tomato and scallions, for instance (only four ingredients), would be warmly welcomed if they floated through the window at this very moment.

And if you're in a breakfast-y mood, last year's incredible photo-list of breakfasts from around the world is always worth revisiting.