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Hockey Happened

After the jump, the GIF that shows how close the American women were to winning gold in today's hockey final. The goal on the open net would've put the U.S. up 3-1 with just a few minutes remaining in regulation; instead the puck hit the post, rather improbably, and Canada tied it up and won in overtime. Congrats to our neighbors to the north, I GUESS. 


Now You've Really Done It, Sochi

We could have gone to Mars 20 times for the price of these Olympics? $520 million per event? This is the last straw, in the good company of other last straws, like the fact that it's 61 degrees right now in Sochi right now, also the horrific human rights violations being indirectly sanctioned, etc.


The Fantasy Sochi Pie


Previously: The Fur Pie

Ann Friedman is BRB inventing and constructing a snack luge.


America Will Wear White Pants

Team USA's Opening Ceremony uniforms, designed once again by Ralph Lauren, were unveiled on Today this morning, and they're… well, OK, they're like if your grandma's sweater chest inhaled an American flag and cross country ski boots from the '80s and washed it all down with a plastic handle of vodka and then threw up into the mold of U.S. hockey player Julie Chu. (And the sweater is just $598.) I propose the following palate cleanser: go watch Jason Brown's routine from the U.S. Figure Skating Championships a couple of weeks ago. Do it, like, five times in a row. It won't get old. [Today]


Curling Gets Planet Earth'd

OK, this is the best: Sir David Attenborough agreed to narrate a curling match as if it were a scene from Planet Earth: "And off she goes, gently but flamboyantly launching the oversized walnut down the frozen river." This sport somehow makes more sense now? [via]


New England States, Ranked By How Much They Are Contributing To The American Cause In Sochi

5. (tie) Rhode Island, Maine

4. Connecticut

3. New Hampshire

2. Massachusetts

1. Vermont


This message not paid for by the great state of Vermont.


The Winter Games, Now & Then

Via Mashable: The Evolution of Winter Olympics in GIFs. Body suits seem to have gotten tighter.


Johnny Weir's Sochi Looks

In a perfect GIF, after the jump. (Suggested soundtrack.


The Russian Police Choir, "Get Lucky"

I can't seem to embed this video of the Russian Police Choir singing Daft Punk's "Get Lucky," so you'll have to go over to the NBC Olympics site to watch it. (SPOILER ALERT: The Opening Ceremony already happened.) Enjoy the winter sports. We'll see you Monday. [NBC Olympics]


Seasonal Affective Disorder Olympics

CURLING (Into A Ball)

Ten points if you do it for an hour.

A thousand points if you don't leave bed all weekend.

Gold medal for you if you quit your job, sell that gold medal, invest in the bond market, gain wealth, thereby proliferating more gold. This will translate to happiness. Mail your teenage nephew red Beats by Dre headphones for his "domepiece." This is a successful game of curling (into a ball).



A brash alarm begins its unforgiving beep. It's the morning; dawn peeks through your window.

"It's all downhill from here," you say.

Bronze medal.



Punch someone! Reflect on how weak you are! [...]