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This Is Sober Sex

It was the night of my sister Kelly's 30th birthday party, and I was anxious. We’d encouraged guests to come in costume to fit the 1920s theme, and before anyone showed up, I helped my sister into the incredible flapper dress she’d found, beige with sheer paneling and sequins in all the right places. She set her black bob-cut wig and sparkling headband in place, swiped a bold rose color across her lips. I wanted Kelly to love the way she looked, because it was her party, but secretly all I could think about was if I’d look better: he was coming.

We'd been having sexless sleepovers for a [...]


How to Never Get Invited Anywhere Ever Again

This depressingly grim guide to un-alcoholifying the holidays does little to glamorize the life of the abstainer. For instance, "You don't need an open bar stocked with every kind of booze to be a great host. Just serve wine and beer, or one drink, like wine spritzers." Wine spritzers? Uh oh. Also, "reconsider one-stop shopping at the liquor store for hostess gifts … Instead, try mixed nuts [or] vegetables from your garden." Hmm. Oh and, "For years your family has sat around guzzling beer and watching football … Why not suggest a long walk among the leaves? Or a … group dance à la The Big Chill?" [...]


Love and Only Love

Neil Young is clean, releasing an autobiography, and performing extremely long versions of his songs live with Crazy Horse.


Drinking and Dating

"[I]f one of you isn't drinking, does that make things weird?" Maura Kelly wonders. She "quit drinking years and years ago" (although she does still "drink a little — a glass of wine, maybe once a month, during a nice dinner out"), and has "come to prefer getting-to-know-you sobriety." Do you guys want to talk about this same thing? Imbalanced date success/failure stories?

"I used to think that I was at my best when I was liquored up, but now I prefer myself sober," she explains. "I think better, I don't say (or do) things I'll regret later, and I handle myself with more sangfroid." The only thing [...]