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On Pheasants and Polyamory

I found the pheasants accidentally. I’d gone looking for the avenue of shoes on Brush Street, a new art installation in Detroit, and got a bit lost. When I stopped to orient myself, I saw a single pheasant through a thicket of tall grass in a vacant lot next to a sagging two-story. The house had an old Ford F150 parked in front. I saw an empty kiddie pool, a plastic circle in turquoise with green fish printed on the bottom. I heard soft crowing, and walked stealthily towards the sound

As I approached, I saw more pheasants through the tall grass. I wanted to make out details, but the [...]


Friday Open Thread

Is it snowing where you are?


A Sampling of British Headlines About Snow

Britain's SNOW CHAOS 2010™ has been going on for what feels like weeks now, although I'm sure someone in the British media could tell you exactly how many centimeters have fallen, and for how long. The dark, damp, northern European country is not used to this kind of thing in winter; London is supposed to get, at most, a powdered-sugar dusting of the stuff every year, and other parts of the country have been known to get a little more than that. But this! This is madness! I mean Chaos! The press is having a field day, and people appear to be attending the field day, because it's not like [...]


"It is snowing and I must go have sex, good-bye"

From "Snow" by Mary Ruefle:

Every time it starts to snow, I would like to have sex. No matter if it is snowing lightly and unseri- ously, or snowing very seriously, well on into the night, I would like to stop whatever manifestation of life I am engaged in and have sex, with the same person, who also sees the snow and heeds it, who might have to leave an office or meeting, or some ar- duous physical task, or, conceivably, leave off having sex with another person, and go in the snow to me, who is already, in the snow, beginning to have sex in my snow-mind. Someone for [...]


Accessorizing Your Library Book About Snow or Ice

"I've recently started a project called Icepo! where I am drawing Icelandic pony stickers which I then mail to people for placement inside of library books related to snow or ice. It is, hopefully, a nice surprise for the next person who checks out the book."


RIP Some Snowman

A bus driver has resigned after school officials saw a video of him running over a snowman that someone had conveniently built in the middle of a street. A previous car had courteously braked, then gone around the snowman, while the bus driver appears to have chosen to actually veer into the left lane in order to murder "him." [Via]


"Snow would be the easy/ way out—that softening/ sky like a sigh of relief/ at finally being allowed/ to yield"

In honor of the upcoming Thanksgiving nor'easter, here's a bit of Rita Dove's poem "November for Beginners."

Snow would be the easy way out—that softening sky like a sigh of relief at finally being allowed to yield. No dice. We stack twigs for burning in glistening patches but the rain won’t give.

So we wait, breeding mood, making music of decline. We sit down in the smell of the past and rise in a light that is already leaving.

The rest of it is over at the Poetry Foundation. Photo via


Things to Do in the Winter

Three parts crop circle, two parts corn maze, one part snowman, one part beach stick-drawnings: Sonja Hinrichsen's "Snow Drawings" in Colorado. (More pictures here.)