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When You're at Singles Yoga…

Last spring, I went to a singles yoga class with my roommate. Singles yoga? Yes, singles yoga. It was my friend’s idea; she thought the male teacher was hot and convinced me to come along. But before we left the house, she said, “Wait, Smiley, you can’t wear shorts to a singles yoga class — there’s going to be cute single girls there. You have to wear something nice.” “Wear something nice?” I said. “This is my yoga outfit: t-shirt and basketball shorts. I don’t own those spandex half-pants" — (do guys really feel comfortable in downward dog with their junk just hanging there?) — "so what am I supposed to [...]


On Wearing Running Shoes (All the Time)

Last weekend, my younger sister schooled me. We were home visiting our parents, taking a walk to the bookstore, and I told her the girl I was (kind of) seeing broke up with me. She seemed disappointed, put an arm around my shoulder in consolation, and, looking down at my feet, stopped suddenly.

“Wait, Adam,” my sister hesitated, “were you wearing those shoes when she broke up with you?”

“Yes,” I said, looking down at my worn running shoes, dirt stains covering the sky blue Nike Free Run label, “yes of course I was wearing these.  They’re my shoes.”

“Adam — you can’t wear running shoes with girls — it’s [...]


Stuffing, Pastrami, and Chopped Liver

Thanksgiving makes me think of my grandmother — when my sister and I were kids, my family would make the four-hour drive down from Boston to New York City to see her the Wednesday morning before Thanksgiving, waking up at dawn (we had to leave by 6:45 a.m.), so my father could beat the traffic on the Merritt.

For 50 years, Gran lived alone in a small, rent-controlled one-bedroom apartment, with a bathroom faucet that leaked, in a beautiful prewar building on East 10th St. in Greenwich Village. When the historic apartment building, built in 1928, was turned into modern luxury condos, selling for $1.1 to $5.2 million, and the regal wooden [...]


New Toys: Talking With Engineer and GoldieBlox Founder Debbie Sterling

Debbie Sterling never thought about becoming an engineer until a college art professor told her she should consider it as a major. “I didn’t even know what engineering was,” she says. “I thought it was people in overalls making trains.” Eleven years later, after graduating as one of the few female engineering majors in her class at Stanford, Debbie's launching a start-up toy company with the mission to get and keep young girls interested in engineering.

Working from her small San Francisco studio apartment, with only two full-time employees and a shoestring marketing budget, Debbie designed GoldieBlox, a toy/game/book combination that focuses on the character of Goldie, a sprightly, overalls-wearing girl [...]