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The Tiny Backyard Office

The Archipod is a shingled ball and home office designed to stand alone in your garden. Smaller models — 9'6" wide, 8'3" high — start at about $34,000 (plus delivery) and come with customizable floors, porthole windows, desks, and lighting. Here's a blueprint (circles within circles, basically), and here are more photos. The only things the Archipod needs to survive are "an electricity supply and a telephone connection from the house." Nowhere in the FAQ section does it address "What will happen if the door swings shut while I am inside the Archipod and it turns out the building is to aliens what bug [...]


The Tiniest Microhouse

Time for my bi-annual trip down memory lane: "The marriage was built to last, but the house was built too small." Tiny House: The greatest commercial ever made. But then here comes a little school of actual tiny houses, tiptoeing so tenderly down Tiny House Lane. These weird little Franken-tinyhouses — examined more closely here — cost $200 or less to build and were cobbled together from washing machine parts and all sorts of actual garbage. There's a slideshow of them that's cute but might leave you wanting more and tinier (or if not tinier than at least better but still pretty tiny) [...]