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Interview With an Element: Oxygen Phlogiston

You are not Oxygen.

No, name’s Phlogiston. I am afraid Oxygen can’t make it, he’s a busy element and sends his regrets. I was sent to meet you instead.

Thank you for taking the time. What do you think of being called an impostor element?

Of course I’m not an element in the modern sense. But I embody the modernized form of the ancient element fire, as you can tell from my name*. I was the subject matter of advanced chemistry lectures — quite distinct from alchemy. In short, I was the bee’s knees. Incorporating the most important chemical principle for more than a century feels like a real achievement [...]


Interview With an Element: Chlorine

Are you Bleach? No. I am not Bleach, I am me. The success of Bleach would not have been possible without Sodium and Oxygen. We all have our roles to play. Oxygen does its own part. On my own I am just chlorine, but as sodium hypochlorite something more than that. My solo career was never as successful, looking back I needed time to see that — and I guess time to grow as an element.

Is it true that Bleach is behind “Eau de Labarraque”? Yes. Eau de Labarraque was our first project together, and that goes way back to that summer in France in 1820. Many [...]


Interview With an Element: Arsenic

You are known as quite reclusive. Thank you for agreeing to this interview.

You are welcome, dear. Why don’t you join me here on the window seat? Tea will be ready in just a minute. I admit, I do not receive visitors very often and prefer my own company, but I still enjoy a good chat now and then. You may not realize it, but I used to turn quite a few heads when I was younger, and was considered a brilliant conversationalist.

What's your opinion on the name Arsène and its meaning: ‘male, strong, virile’?

I am flattered if parents name their children after me, I am sure [...]


Interview With an Element: Alumin(i)um

First off, AL-ew-MIN-ee-əm or ə-LOO-mi-nəm ?

Honestly, I have no preference. I am Aluminium to the English, Americans seem to prefer the old-fashioned Aluminum. In any case, many consider me Australian at heart. You can call me Al!

Al, are metals defined or refined?

You can’t take the valence electrons out of it, because you start off with a certain electron configuration, so in a sense it is definition. But you can learn a lot from other metals’ successes and mistakes, and I think you need a combination of both. Let’s be clear: I am proud of my humble origins. I, for one, do not want membership in the elitist club of transition metals. Who else [...]