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Simon Doonan on "Porno Chic"

"If I was a chick I would wanna look different from everybody else. That mystifies me that people don't wanna look different from each other. They're all blond, they've all got a spray tan, and they've all got a trout pout." What if you're a brunette with all that stuff, though? Is that okay, Simon? *Fingers crossed.*


What Would Simon Doonan Do?

"I buy the same gift for everyone on my list, thereby saving time and avoiding jangled holiday nerves. In addition, I make sure that my choices reflect my own personal causes and affiliations. Here are this year’s selections, chicks first: I will be buying all my female friends Lady Gaga Born This Way lip gloss by Francois Nars… The blokes: This year my male friends will be receiving a peace candle from my husband, Jonathan Adler, partly because I am committed to supporting my bloke, but also because it comes in a gold ceramic studded container which makes a perfect vide-poche once the candle has expired." —[...]