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The Lykovs of the Siberian Taiga, Continued: Visiting Agafia

Remember the Russian family that lived for 40 years in isolation in the Siberian wilderness? Vice caught up with the last living Lykov, Agafia, for an episode of their "Far Out" series. Publisher (and, in this instance, narrator) John Martin also wrote about the experience for Vice's website, where he mentions that "One of the more peculiar notions she’s picked up" — from the Old Believer newspapers that visitors occasionally leave behind — "is that bar codes are marks of the devil. 'It’s the stamp of the Antichrist,' she said. 'People bring me bags of seeds with bar codes on them. I take the seeds out and burn [...]


The Lykovs of the Siberian Taiga

But, peering intently through his windscreen in search of a landing place, the pilot saw something that should not have been there.

Smithsonian magazine, by way of Jason Kottke (who also points to a short documentary), has an incredible article about a Russian family that lived in complete isolation for 40 years.

A few questions go unanswered.


A Desk Job Is A Desk Job Is a Desk Job

Ever wondered what it's like to be a paper pusher in Mexico or India? Here's your answer, and I must say being a bureaucrat in Liberia or Bolivia looks far more charming than sitting in your average American cubicle. Siberia not so much…