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It's Sexual Harassment Season at TJ Maxx!

At double-digit YouTube views, this sketch from comedy group "That Just Happened" has already attracted the inevitable comment:

Lol so how are men supposed to court women? Hi I'm john would you be interested in coitus or perhaps something longterm? Eat shit feminazis

*puts on a sundress* YOU, SIR, SHALL GET THE HOOKS.


The Best of Sexual Harassment Stock Photography


Humpback Whales: They're Just Like Us

Female humpback whales with calves head for the shallows to avoid sexual harassment, according to a new study.

The researchers said avoiding males helped the females save energy needed for feeding calves, helping them to survive. […] This meant the mother and calf had to increase their swimming speed by 75%.

-The whales feel the spray of the second wave of feminism; the whales move into third. The whales stage a Slutwalk. A few lady whales refuse to move to the shallows and are whale calling right back. The sound of the ocean is now built on the echo of those whale bitches aggressively cooing "What's your dick like, homie" [...]


Sexual Harassment Gray Zones

"And, in fact, the majority of women in the workplace are not tender creatures and are largely adept at dealing with all varieties of uncomfortable or hostile situations. Show me a smart, competent young professional woman who is utterly derailed by a verbal unwanted sexual advance or an inappropriate comment about her appearance, and I will show you a rare spotted owl." —In her controversial opinion piece "In Favor of Dirty Jokes and Risqué Remarks," Katie Roiphe makes an interesting argument about the difficulty of defining sexual harassment, and the repercussions of that fluidity. It feels awkwardly and unfortunately tacked to the Herman Cain scandal, which she [...]