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Addicted to the Piers

"This short three-page story chronicles Jeannie's two brief romances with navy men, Bill and Bob."

Was your long weekend/Fleet Week anything like Jeannie's? Vintage romance comic treasure trove Sequential Crush is holiday appropriate as ever.


I Want to WORK With You — BE With You — ALWAYS

What better way to celebrate Black History Month or any other occasion in the history of time than with vintage romance-comic treasure trove Sequential Crush? The site has been quiet for more than two weeks (long, dark, horrible days), but it's thankfully back now with "…But He's the Boy I Love!", a 1970 Marvel story about Mindy and Allan, "as told to Stan Lee." (The Hairpin is very close to being purely a Sequential Crush reblog site at this point. I promised my firstborn child to Sequential Crush, and it didn't even ask. I promised to name my firstborn child Sequential Crush, give it to Sequential Crush, and [...]


"I Was Brought Up to Be a Lady — But a Savage Kiss Changed Me Overnight!"

This Thanksgiving and every day of the year, many of us give thanks for Sequential Crush, the vintage-romance-comic-book-collecting website that today posts highlights from "Perfect Match: Philip, Louise, & Kirk!!", the story of a young engaged couple and the shirtless construction worker who came between them and changed everything. It's maybe the best book I've ever read.


The Pros and Cons of Stalking

In a July 1968 edition of the recurring romance-comic feature "Sweet Mystery of Love," the lovely Janice is set up with Freddy the unsmiling, single-minded creep. But is he really so creepy after all? Vintage comic book hoarder Sequential Crush abridges this strange and passionate story of love.


Oh, Jewel

Are you a Wendy, Penelope, Bonnie, Page, Betty, Mary, Lisa, Jewel, April, Cindy, Karen, Melanie, Monica, April, Marian, Sandy, or Chris? (Sequential Crush! May it never exhaust the entire printed history of vintage romance comic books, ever.)


The World's Most Perfect Party Guest

It's never been polite to gossip about other people's relationships, but without bold, attractive people like Martha here there wouldn't ever be anything to talk, email, Gchat, or think about.


"You're a groovy girl, Nan … Not a doormat like Trina."

I'm in love with Sequential Crush, and I don't care who knows it. Just don't make my mistake — LOOK BEFORE YOU LOVE.


College, 1967

No doubt. The vintage romance-comic enchantresses at Sequential Crush celebrate National Women's Month.


The Graduate, the Romance Comic

Vintage comic-book treasure trove Sequential Crush has a doozy today: 1972's "My Mother, the Mantrap," which follows beautiful young Sheila and her beautiful 36-year-old mother on an adventure of love and heartbreak, blood testing and smoking-hot family doctors. A few potential plot points go sadly unexplored. (Good afternoon, Elliot!)

(The "How to Throw a Groovy Party for Under $5.00" headline on the cover is also a tease.)


Happy National United Nations Day

How will you be celebrating United Nations Day 2011? I will be in Stan's arms. NO WAIT in Richie's arms. No wait, for real this time, in the guy behind Richie's arms. Love at the U.N.