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Gemini Season, 1970

Happy birthday month, Geminis. Are any of these six characters speaking to you?


Coke and Rum, Fish

In case you missed Coachella, or some version of this exact video yesterday, here's R. Kelly performing "Ignition (Remix)" with French band Phoenix (whose new album, Bankrupt!, is out April 22 and streaming now on iTunes). Nice for a morning.

Also: Kids who eat fish seem to have fewer allergies. But why?

Longform rounds up the 2013 Pulitzer winners and finalists.

And here's one good way to leave the house.


Friday Open Thread

Well, this has been quite a week. For an unexpectedly moving (or maybe it's just me?) four- or five-minute vintage comic book read before you go, here's an abridged version of "Abandoned!" (from a 1969 installation of Girls' Love Stories), which comes, of course, from the always fascinating (I cannot let go) Sequential Crush. Have an excellent weekend, and we'll see you back here on Monday.


"Every Girl's Guide to Overcoming the Wear and Tear of Travel"

Before we all disappear into the sunset, let's take one last tip from vintage romance comic book reliquary Sequential Crush, which today brings the world some timeless travel advice from 1970.


Too Far-Out to Love?

"I know Liz thinks she loves him, but there's more to marriage than long hair."

Doubt it. Although vintage romance comic book treasure trove Sequential Crush presents a convincing argument with 1970's "His Hair Is Long and I Love Him," a tale of love, money, music, and misunderstanding.

See you on the flip side, Sequential Crush.


"Formula for Love"

"I try to maintain a cool, scientific detachment toward all men … After all, I'm a scientist, a trained laboratory analyst, and I understand all about the magnetism between the sexes, the chemical changes which occur at certain times, and the pitfalls awaiting men and women who succumb to these things! I understand … but when Dr. Gorman visits our laboratory for professional purposes, I get shaky, weak-kneed, and I've got to keep myself from doing the most idiotic things!" —Uh oh, Miss Halleck! Bottomless vintage-romance-comic-book internet goldmine Sequential Crush is back this week (or, yesterday) with a roundup of comics on women, their careers, and the men [...]


"My Inventions"

To ease into the week, we check back in with vintage romance comic book treasure trove Sequential Crush, where the latest offering is the full story of Poor Paul, a hot genius with financial woes, and his lovely but frustrated girlfriend Gwen. Sub-"plots" include her remarkable pants and negligee.


Horoscope Is Life

Vintage romance comic book treasure trove / secret garden / haunted mansion / invisible crypt Sequential Crush outdoes itself today with the 1970 story "Horoscope Don't Fool With My Heart," in which the gloriously haired Ginny relies on her astrology books a little too much — or does she???

Plus there's another story at the end, and it is amazing.


Grab Bag: Avocados, Flawless Plans

What could possibly go wrong? This week the vintage romance comic secret boudoir Sequential Crush airs out the 1966 gem "How Long Can I Go on Loving the Man I Hate?" which, in the words of Sequential Crush proprietress Jacque Nodell, is "almost grotesquely rendered" yet "strangely attract[ive]." Spooky!

Elsewhere, the Times has a roundup of tasty-looking vegan recipes, if you're being vegan-er or vegan-ier-ish this year so far. (And Food52 lists their seven Favorite Avocado Recipes, including something called bangkokamole, which would appear in front of everyone right now if there were such thing as the power to conjure avocado-based dishes at whim; maybe there is a [...]


Hot Cartoon Archaeologists Back in the Day

"As she happens upon the statue of Xtachoa, she can't help but notice how much it looks like Luis. As she stares at her guide's life-like doppelganger, Caroline starts to feel dizzy from strong smelling incense she can't place."

Vintage romance comic book gold mine (ancient Aztec treasure temple?) Sequential Crush is BACK, thank Xtachoa.