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The 2014 Thelma & Louise Selfie

Post by Susan Sarandon.

What is time, anyway? [Vulture]


Take a Nice Selfie at My Funeral

The face alone has launched a thousand think pieces. So now the question is not one of basic selfie-justification, but rather, why must a photo of my face be justified when a photo of my bookshelf is not?” -Sarah Nicole Prickett


I went to a Catholic parochial school. This means the things you expect it to mean. There was a crucifix in every room: a wall-length stone-cut crucifix in the entryway; in the gymnasium, high up, a crucifix that was enormous, but not quite to scale.

At my school, grades 7 through 12 dedicate a class to a [...]


Just Imagine the Audience Is All Cops Taking Selfies

You know who never has to justify a selfie? A COP.


The Terrible Consequences of Yahoo's Tumblr Buyout

Yahoo! buys tumblr. for $1.1 billion.

• Yahoo! drops a vowel to promote cross-brand synergy, becomes Yaho!.

• All Yaho! employees now required to work from home, in the middle of the night, when they're about to go to bed after they read this one last thing.

• Both private-messaging features offered by tumblr. (now called "Tumblr?" for punctuational synergy) include a Sent folder. Users reel in confusion: "I can see both sides of the conversation? I don't understand. Which part did I say?"

• Yaho!'s women's section, Shine (now "Shne"), now just GIF after GIF of Joseph Gordon-Levitt.


Selfie Stream

Your afternoon zoneout comes courtesy SELFEED, a real-time slideshow of Instagram photos tagged with "#selfie." I watched for about three minutes while listening to this Coachella mix and now my brain is a deflated beach ball. Highly recommended! [SELFEED]


Let's Balance Out This Horrible Selfie With This Wonderful Selfie

"Selfies at Funerals" is a real tumblr that exists with multiple entries that you can peruse here; Beyoncé photo-bombing a fan's selfie while holding the hand of another fan, while singing, is a real thing that happened that you can witness here. I'm still hung up on the "Selfie with my teacher while she having contractions" masterpiece, though.


The Arm's Length Pie

Previously: The 10 Minutes Away Pie

Ann Friedman deletes at least 25 for every one she keeps.


Selfie Dangers

Kim Kardashian Attacked By Elephant While Taking Selfie: It's OK, she's gonna be fine. Everyone stay calm and behold this side-by-side photo.

Also in on the selfie fun today: Salman Rushdie.


Selfie Lovers Forced to Explain Themselves

According to The Week: "Selfies compose a disturbing 30 percent of images snapped by everyone's favorite demographic—the much-beloved millennial." What?! In response to this finding, Chris Gayomali goes out looking for the elusive selfie apologia:

JAIME M. 16, Student at Long Beach Polytechnic High School (and my little cousin)

1. Why do you take selfies? I take selfies because: a) It gives me an excuse to get all cute b) It makes me feel pretty c) I get a lot of compliments d) Sometimes I have nothing to do and I get quite bored.

He doesn't just talk to millennials. Here's Howard Chua-Eoan, 54, [...]


"The Most Famous Fan in the World"

Sarah is very much a part of their circle, trading texts and tips with them. The paparazzi have accepted her for strategic reasons. In the era of YouTube and reality TV, there are simply more people than ever before who qualify as famous, and their every move is seemingly reported in a never-ending proliferation of gossip sites and blogs. Perhaps only a teenager could possess the energy and technical aptitude to serve as the global tracking device for it all. Sarah is incredibly adept at recognizing even the most minor celebrities and has a much better sense than her older colleagues about which seem ready to break huge. Scooter Braun, the [...]