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Selfies Explained

What is the selfie? How is the selfie? Why is the selfie? Where is the selfie? Who is a selfie? Have you seen my selfie? How should a selfie be? Is my selfie a selfie? Is my selfie feminist? What do we talk about when we talk about selfies? Can the selfie take a selfie so selfie even it cannot selfie?


Selfie Stream

Your afternoon zoneout comes courtesy SELFEED, a real-time slideshow of Instagram photos tagged with "#selfie." I watched for about three minutes while listening to this Coachella mix and now my brain is a deflated beach ball. Highly recommended! [SELFEED]


Let's Balance Out This Horrible Selfie With This Wonderful Selfie

"Selfies at Funerals" is a real tumblr that exists with multiple entries that you can peruse here; Beyoncé photo-bombing a fan's selfie while holding the hand of another fan, while singing, is a real thing that happened that you can witness here. I'm still hung up on the "Selfie with my teacher while she having contractions" masterpiece, though.


The Arm's Length Pie

Previously: The 10 Minutes Away Pie

Ann Friedman deletes at least 25 for every one she keeps.


All My Sexts Live In Texas

I put on a high-cut plaid one-piece swimsuit that was probably too small for me; it sliced my ass into quarters. The past two weeks I’d kept my hotel room at a temperature permitting the least amount of clothing. Fluorescent-kissed cheeks were constant, most of my nights spent swimming laps in the indoor pool and then writhing alone, wet atop a milky white and freshly laundered comforter, to whatever FKA Twigs song turned me on most that day. It was Texas in August, which basically means it was hot.

As I napped the heat crept through the walls. After a moist awakening, I went to the window and [...]


Selfie Dangers

Kim Kardashian Attacked By Elephant While Taking Selfie: It's OK, she's gonna be fine. Everyone stay calm and behold this side-by-side photo.

Also in on the selfie fun today: Salman Rushdie.


Selfie Lovers Forced to Explain Themselves

According to The Week: "Selfies compose a disturbing 30 percent of images snapped by everyone's favorite demographic—the much-beloved millennial." What?! In response to this finding, Chris Gayomali goes out looking for the elusive selfie apologia:

JAIME M. 16, Student at Long Beach Polytechnic High School (and my little cousin)

1. Why do you take selfies? I take selfies because: a) It gives me an excuse to get all cute b) It makes me feel pretty c) I get a lot of compliments d) Sometimes I have nothing to do and I get quite bored.

He doesn't just talk to millennials. Here's Howard Chua-Eoan, 54, [...]


The 2014 Thelma & Louise Selfie

Post by Susan Sarandon.

What is time, anyway? [Vulture]


Take a Nice Selfie at My Funeral

The face alone has launched a thousand think pieces. So now the question is not one of basic selfie-justification, but rather, why must a photo of my face be justified when a photo of my bookshelf is not?” -Sarah Nicole Prickett


I went to a Catholic parochial school. This means the things you expect it to mean. There was a crucifix in every room: a wall-length stone-cut crucifix in the entryway; in the gymnasium, high up, a crucifix that was enormous, but not quite to scale.

At my school, grades 7 through 12 dedicate a class to a [...]


Just Imagine the Audience Is All Cops Taking Selfies

You know who never has to justify a selfie? A COP.