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A Drone's-Eye-View of Burning Man

It's like you're there, and you didn't even have to inhale dust or hallucinogens. (Warning: Heady trance music ahead.) The drone's view includes shots of the remarkable "Truth is Beauty" statue, built this year by Marco Cochrane. Have you ever been? [Via]


Bones, Ghosts, and Paul Koudounaris

A Q&A with author, photographer, and ossuary expert Paul Koudounaris. I understand your great grandfather was a grave robber?

My family is Greek and they lived in Alexandria back when it was a Greek town. At that point there was a trade in mummy dust, which they called mummia, which was thought to be a cure all. Louis XIV actually used to carry mummia in a pouch and snort little bits of it. The problem was that by the late 19th century they didn’t have a bunch of old Egyptian mummies to dig up anymore. Instead, when criminals were executed, people would steal their bodies and take them to the [...]