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"I take songs and turn them into other songs": The Melker Project III

DJ Scott Melker, of such mashup projects as Skeetwood Mac (notably "The [2] Chain [z]"), strikes again with The Melker Project 3, a full-length remix "opus for the ADHD generation," per his press release, that combines "more than 200" old and new pop and hip-hop songs and will apparently satisfy "even the snobbiest music aficionados." EVEN THEM. Or will it?

Anyway, if you're into this kind of thing, give it a whirl below or over here (some lyrics NSFW), and/or download it for free here. There's some craziness on there — track four in particular. And whatever starts happening about a minute [...]


Fleetwood + 2 Chainz = "The (2) Chain (z)"

Oh jeez. The Melker Project, a.k.a. "mixtape and mashup artist" Scott Melker, combines Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain" with snippets from 2 Chainz, and, in the words of Mixtape Maestro's David Allun Jones, it is "the best Yelawolf song Yelawolf has yet to record."

Melker's upcoming EP Skeetwood Mac will consist entirely of Fleetwood Mac updates.


"Last Night Daft Punk Saved My Life," Scott Melker

Scott "The (2) Chain (z)" Melker, of The Melker Project, stirs "A DJ Saved My Life Tonight" into Daft Punk's new single, "Get Lucky," and this is how it turned out. Last night a DJ got lucky, etc.

Previously, magically: Skeetwood Mac.


Happy 12/12/12

Well, it's Twelve Twelve Twelve, or "Sound Check Day" to the hilarious (one two, one two). Will you be getting married or having a baby? I'm trying to think of some particularly twelve-y food to make or consume. It's apparently National Cocoa Day (or is that tomorrow?) and Gingerbread House Day, for what it's worth (nothing), as well as Poinsettia Day and Quince, Watermelon, Root Vegetable, Exotic Fruit, Tomato, and Winter Squash [Awareness?] Month.

You could also stream and/or download DJ Scott Melker's second Melker Project, "a 53-minute mixtape that includes roughly 200 songs from nearly every genre imaginable." He has "tweaked, coddled, loved, hated, adjusted, [...]


The Melker Project's Full Fleetwood Mac-shup

If you enjoyed DJ Scott Melker's "The (2) Chain (z)," a mashup of Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain" and snippets of 2 Chainz, you'll perhaps be glad to know that the entire EP, Skeetwood Mac (oh yes), is out now, streaming here, and available for the price of a Facebook "like." Maybe "likes" will someday fully replace currency.