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Sasheer Zamata Is Joining SNL

Deadline reports that Sasheer Zamata, longtime Hairpin pal and hilarious woman, will join SNL for its next episode, to air Jan. 18. She'll be the first black female cast member on the show since Maya Rudolph left five years back. You can catch up with some of her stuff we've posted here, including the fantastic "Pursuit of Sexiness" series she did with fellow UCBer Nicole Byer; embedded above is "Sasheer Meets Her Flasher," a personal favorite. [Deadline]


Start Your Day Laughing: Sasheer and Nicole's "Pursuit of Sexiness"

Here's the hilarious first episode of "Pursuit of Sexiness," a new web series written by and starring Hairpin favorites Sasheer Zamata and Nicole Byer as two goal-oriented young women who are "looking for good men, easy money and free meals but would be satisfied to break even and find a guy who doesn’t prematurely ejaculate." (Warning that certain parts are NSFW.)


HBO Should Show Dongs: "Like, in between the boobs. Edited in between. Or like, literally in between, that'd be cool too"

Featuring (again) the brilliant Sasheer Zamata and other funny ladies, here's an impassioned (and slightly NSFW) plea for gender equality. "Game of Thrones? We were promised a Storm of Swords. And what did we get? Hodor. One long, flaccid Hodor schlong that's about as sexy as an uncooked roll of Pillsbury dough."


Sasheer and Nicole's "Pursuit of Sexiness" Ends on the Subway

Here's the final episode of "Pursuit of Sexiness," the hilarious web series from Sasheer Zamata and Nicole Byer. In this one, they nearly Thelma & Louise-it after a failed attempt at sexy subway dancing, and you can catch up on the first five episodes here.


There Is No Good Reason for SNL Not to Cast a Black Female Comedian

Saturday Night Live needs a black female cast member. There are exactly zero non-racist excuses for the lack of diversity on network TV in general, but SNL's diversity mandate is uniquely pressing because of the show's explicit goal: to spoof, at large, a pop culture whose mainstream is driven, in part and undeniably, by the work of black women (Oprah, Rihanna, Beyonce, Shonda Rhimes, Kerry Washington, more).

But SNL has only ever had four black female cast members in its almost 40 years on the air (in comparison, they added five white male cast members this year alone); as a result, black women in pop culture are avoided whenever possible, and [...]


Start Your Day Laughing: Sasheer Zamata's "Tie"

Here's a video from Hairpin pal and super-comedian Sasheer Zamata, who you might remember from the "Sasheer Meets Her Flasher" video or any number of other wonderful things, in which a woman unravels as her boyfriend refuses to take off his tie.


Sasheer Zamata and Nicole Byer Lurk Their Facebook Friends

The latest from the Pursuit of Sexiness web series finds Nicky and Sheer on a hunt through their friend group for "like a cute guy, someone I could like drunkly make out with and be awkward around." They find a good-looking prospect: "I wanna suck the filling out of that Twinkie." "I'd like to let the juice slide down my esophagus." "I'd like to cut him into tiny pieces, like a chicken."

Elsewhere in amusing girl-on-guy objectification, the Onion's review of Catching Fire is great.


How to Politely React to Your Friend's Terrible Engagement

Featuring our favorite comedienne Sasheer Zamata, here are some suggestions for congratulating a friend newly affianced to someone who is, say, "medium racist" or "uses the word 'feminist' as an insult." I am really bad at faking enthusiasm, but I could definitely at least do Step 7: Gestures and Sounds ("BLAAHHHHAHHAHAHHHH!!!!!").


Five-Minute Entertainment Break: "Sasheer Meets Her Flasher"

For Punch magazine (a free comedy app for tablets), actress/comedian/gorgeous person Sasheer Zamata tells the story of this time she met a guy. It is also episode one of (director) Chioke Nassor's "Storytime" series. (Language lightly NSFW.)