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Ask Santa

Santa, why do you sometimes use the same wrapping paper as my mom? –Erin G., Jerusalem, PA

Christmas is an exciting day for everybody. Kids, North Pole Staff, and even parents. And we can hardly blame anybody if they come down and see all the presents we've left under the tree. And if they maybe want to take a little peek. I don't want to point any fingers. But the Spirit of the Holiday sometimes gets the best of us all. And having to re-wrap presents is something Moms and Dads sometimes have to do. Say hello to your brother Jason for me. He almost catches me every year. Almost! 


Is Your Man a Scrub? Sinterklaas vs. Santa Claus

1. Real talk, ladies. Is your man racist?

Sinterklaas: No way! He has a black friend! (Inasmuch as an unpaid servant made to dress in cartoonish pantaloons can be thought of as “a friend.”) Santa Claus: No way! He's "making it rain [toys and glad tidings]" over everyone, regardless of race. Who is less of a scrub? ME, because I don’t even see color so what is race, I don’t understand this question.

2. Ladies. Even though you are all Independent Women (Parts I & II), it’s still nice to have a man who, like the T.I. to your Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, will buy you Whatever You Li[iiii]ke. How [...]


Ask Santa

Dear Santa Claus, I was really good in 1981 and I asked for an Atari for Christmas from you and I didn’t get one. What gives? Darnell W., Chicago, IL

You were really good that year, Darnell. You were consistently on the Nice List throughout the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. I really appreciated you being a great kid, and now you have a couple of great kids of your own. I’m sorry you feel so haunted by this lack of an Atari. No question, Atari would have been a great gift for you in 1981. I did get you a skateboard. As you skated around your neighborhood that [...]